SDGOP Thanks supporters who opposed HB 1305 and HB 1259

From my mailbox, the South Dakota Republican Party had a big thank you for it’s supporters who carried water for the elephant and contacted their legislators to oppose House Bill 1305 and House Bill 1259 this week:

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  1. Kevin W Nelson

    If your legislative forum or cracker-barrel meets this weekend ask your Republican State representatives to justify their yes vote on this.

    1. William Beal

      If I’m not mistaken, since the bill was “tabled” with no debate and unanimous consent to “kill” it in committee, the bill is dead for this session.

      1. Legistator

        There is no differance between a Tabled bill and a 41st day bill in so far as the ability to bring then back off the table. But, if that is your worry, it can only be brought back prior to “cross over” which is the end of next week.
        Also, any bill can be brought back through a hog house amendment to another bill. Technically, nothing is officially over until the legislature adjoins sini di.


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