SDGOP Welcomes newly elected House & Senate members!

The SDGOP is congratulating and welcoming their new members in each Chamber (including those appointed since the last election) who just won! Congratulations!

2 Replies to “SDGOP Welcomes newly elected House & Senate members!”

  1. RJ?

    RJ said, “The GOP as it stands currently Is composed of racist, homophobes. who will soon be irrelevant. The GOP treasures money over humanity.”

    RJ also said, “Hate crimes and hateful, ignorant and violent ideologies are horrible.”

    Is RJ committing a hate crime when such statements are made about the GOP?

    The tolerant left is RJ.

  2. Troy Jones

    By RJ’s own unrepentant word, he is a hateful, bitter bigot. Unfortunately, he is representative of the vocal left in the country.


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