6 Replies to “SDRTL PAC points out Kathy Tyler’s not-so-pro-life record.”

  1. anon1

    This has been an issue with Tyler since she ran the first time. She is determined to make her constituency believe that she is pro-life, but votes just the opposite when she gets to Pierre.

    She actually testified in committee against a common-sense pro-life bill. And, it’s not only on pro-life bills. She’s done the same on pro-business, pro-farm, and pro-education bills.

    Typical elitist democrat…thinks that she’s the only sixth grader in the third grade class. Hoping that the pro-life voters will believe her lies. How’s that working for Hillary??

    1. Anonymous

      John Wiik is a good guy and a thoughtful legislator…he would be a much better choice than Kathy Tyler.

      VOTE John Wiik!

      1. Anonymous

        My belly button lint would be a better choice-at least IT doesn’t believe in murder of babies.

  2. anon

    This is interesting and confirms what I thought after listening to Tyler’s answer at the Watertown forum. She and Wiik were asked is they would support elimination of tax-payer funding to Planned Parenthood. Wiik said he would not support “one red cent” of taxpayer dollars going to Planned Parenthood. Tyler repeated she is a “pro-life Democrat” but supports tax-payer dollars for Planned Parenthood for “all the other good things” they do.

    I thought to myself that I’ve never met a pro-life person that supports funding Planned Partenthood *for any reason.* Even if you limit funding for whatever other services Planned Parenthood may or may not provide, you are still spending tax-payer money to support a company that kills the majority of unborn babies in South Dakota.

  3. Springer

    Taking a lesson from Hillary – say one thing in public and another in private, or in Tyler’s case, one thing to her constituents and another thing when in Pierre.

  4. Anonymous

    A vote for this person is a vote against life, plain and simple, but then a lot of far left people don’t support life, except their own.