SD's RNC delegation update

South Dakota GOP Chairman Tim Rave, Committeeman Dana Randall and Committeewoman Mary Jean Jensen have decided to support Mitt Romney at the convention.

The three top officials in the South Dakota Republican Party have begun to  shed their earlier neutrality now that Mitt Romney is the party’s presumed  presidential nominee.

South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Tim Rave, National Committeeman Dana  Randall and National Committeewoman Mary Jean Jensen are automatic delegates to  the party’s national convention. They declined to endorse anyone earlier in the  year, saying they would support the presidential candidate who won South  Dakota’s June primary.

Randall and Jensen now have endorsed Romney. Rave says he personally supports  Romney but would still vote for the primary winner if one of the other  candidates would happen to win South Dakota’s primary.

A Sandye Kading supporter sent me one of her literature pamphlets. Several people have indicated to me that Sandye is working hard and attending Republican events all across the state. She would make a great advocate for the SD GOP as national committeewoman at the RNC. Kading is running to replace Mary Jean Jensen who has decided not to seek another term.


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    1. Anonymous

      Not voting for Ron Paul (who has all but dropped out by the way) is not cowardly. It is smart. Why would anyone vote for Paul, Gingrich, Santorum, etc when they are not going to win or make enough of a difference for a reasonable protest vote…

      Ron Paul’s opinion on how to deal with Iran disqualifies him as far as I’m concerned.

        1. Ron Paul

          Both of you and this column are cowards why not stand up for your rights and stop backing cowards like Romney, Thune, Noem, and all of the local Republicans like Tim Rave that are liars, cheats and thieves. Do you fools understand that Tim Rave is actually a Democrat, hell he only votes Republican 33% of the time. By supporting these fools proves you are nothing but a stooge that deserves being thrown in jail without trial (NDAA) like Romney, Obama, Thune and Noem say is ok. If Ron Paul has it so backwards on defense how come the military supports him more than all of the Republicans and Obama combined? Whats that no response because you two are blind fools. Romney even said Ron Paul knows far more about economics and the constitution than he will ever know. Why you fools settle for the worst possible candidate is very interesting. Is it because you are scared of your own short comings I think so. Oh and by the way who do you think Rand Paul learned all of his beliefs from RON PAUL his father fools. Do you even understand Rand Paul is not a Republican he is Libertarian meaning he has a brain.

          1. Ron Paul

            One last thing is you fools don’t understand is Romney is Obama. He is big government, to much spending, no cuts, and endless war, and the created of Obama Care. He is Obama but your to big of a fool to see it. Oh and he can’t beat Obama have you seen the polls. Ron Paul can though.


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