#SDSEN Stace Nelson posts video endorsement from Lance Russell

My long-time friend Lance Russell is featured in a video for Stace Nelson this morning.

(Is this the appropriate point for me to ask how many takes were required ? 🙂 )

26 Replies to “#SDSEN Stace Nelson posts video endorsement from Lance Russell”

  1. lazy eye

    First off Lance is a stud. A man’s man if you will. One of the best.

    Secondly Lance should be running for statewide office not filming a video for a clown like Stace Nelson. Because any association with Nelson is an admittance that you have given up hope and just want to throw crap through a window.

  2. lazy eye

    Count me in the camp if conservatives who would vote for Lance but never ever for Stace Nelson.

    Conservatives need to stop aligning with bomb throwers like Hubbel and Nelson.

    1. Anonymous

      Conservatives should NEVER vote for an actual conservative who fights for conservative issues, we should continue voting for moderates who sell conservative issues out. Someday things will get better through osmosis.

      Until then, post anonymous frantic posts online because your ego has been injured.

      1. Anonymous

        Nelson has done more to hurt conservatives than help. No one listens when he opens his mouth anymore. He insults and throws temper tantrums.

        Nelson is bad for conservatism.

        1. Prove it!

          Please provide links to his speeches on the House floor where he insults people.

          Being a conservative is not just empty rhetoric, it is about standing up and actually fighting for conservative issues.

          Nelson being so outspoken angers the moderates who claim to be conservative, because he provides a stark contrast between their empty words and their surrender on conservative issues.

            1. Anonymous

              You are either not smart enough to link to such claims, or there are none for you to link to.

  3. Anonymous

    Stace is the 3 year old in a grocery store that cries and hits when he doesn’t get his way.

    Why are awesome people like Lance Russell supporting him?

    1. Anonymous

      Because his ego isn’t damaged and he knows Nelson is a conservative who will stand and fight on conservative issues.

  4. Anonymous

    I still do not like the fact that ANY candidates uses the floor of the State House for an ad.

  5. Charlie B. Hoffman

    So above all the Senate Weekly Wraps from the Rotunda are bad taste or below your protocol too? The People’s House and the Public’s Capital are used in a multitude of ads using both inside and outside footage.

    Lance speaks well and is respected. He actually could teach many of how to speak on the House floor during debate.

    1. Anonymous

      Is it surprising that slimy lawyers go after an honest lawyer?

      Ever hear the joke about the first lawyer that made it to heaven? That will actually be Russell and Tornow.

  6. Anonymous

    Lance said Nelson wants to build a wall to stop illegal immigration. So why did Nelson vote to make South Dakotans pay for prenatal care for illegals? He’s not so tough on immigration. Can’t have it both ways.

    1. Anonymous

      Nelson has the best record on illegal immigration of any of the candidates. He has actually brought bills trying to combat the problem here in SD.

  7. grudznick

    Mssrs. Neson and Russel both voted against providing money to veterans many times. Mr. Russel may be a dapper young man but his run-ins with the laws and the Supreme Courts have pushed him so far into the fringe that he has gone whacko.

  8. Anonymous

    Looks like he got lucky to put his name on this in 2014. Looks more like he was doing it for political aspirations than anything.