SDSU Students Association resolution opposing HB 1073 alleged to have not followed procedures

House Bill 1073, Representative Mike Clark’s sponsored measure to provide for free speech guidelines on our University campuses was sent to the 41st legislative day, which is South Dakotan for “killed in committee.” Part of the justification for legislators doing so was based on some students saying it’s not needed.

In addition to one student saying HB 1073 would “make it harder to limit speakers that minority students might find offensive” (I’m not kidding), there was a resolution from the SDSU Student Senate opposing the bill.

But not so fast. Here’s an interesting take on that Student Senate resolution from some of the student Senators themselves:

Sounds like someone with an agenda ramrodded the resolution through, as these Student Senators are standing up and saying “the testimony (from the SDSU Student’s Association) and the resolution are in many ways misleading, and untrue because no student organizations of students were consulted on this issue.”  And that the resolution itself was an “unethical action” by the Student’s Association.

Paints things in a different light, eh?

The word is that a smokeout attempt may be made on HB1073 this next week.

Keep on watching.

46 thoughts on “SDSU Students Association resolution opposing HB 1073 alleged to have not followed procedures”

  1. unbelievable that it was defeated in committee 9-3…I just went and looked when Pat said they would have to smoke it out…

    This seems like a no brainer…esp with 15 house and 15 senate sponsors….

    Going to go listen to the tapes on this one….

  2. Barthel (R) Yea
    Diedrich (R) Yea
    Bordeaux (D) Excused
    Jensen (Kevin) (R) Nay
    Kaiser (R) Nay
    Lust (R) Yea
    Peterson (Kent) (R) Nay
    Reed (R) Yea
    Rozum (R) Yea
    Turbiville (R) Yea
    Wismer (D) Yea
    Johns (R) Yea
    Stevens (R) Yea

  3. These leftists on campus will stop at nothing. They are so corrupt and abusive. This must be investigated. What faculty were pushing this? Pass the bill!

  4. Look at the damn leftists that voted against it joining the Democrat leftists! Rozum? Stevens?! Embarrassments to the GOP!

    1. Did they get their marching orders from the Governor? I think USD is getting a bad rap.

  5. The students who testified against the bill and claimed that they represented the student associations at SDSU and USD said that they were against the bill because it was “redundant and unnecessary”. No one gives up a day to spend six hours (round trip) in the car, sit in a committee hearing, and get up to speak because a bill is “unnecessary”. They would only do so if they thought that it would do harm. In this instance, the harm that they fear is to their agenda, which was evident in the student’s statement that the bill would make it more difficult to squash people’s free speech. That testimony alone should convince any representative who cares about the First Amendment to smoke the bill out of the committee.

  6. “associations said they were against the bill because it was “redundant and unnecessary”. No one gives up a day to spend six hours (round trip) in the car, sit in a committee hearing, and get up to speak because a bill is “unnecessary”. They would only do so if they thought that it would do harm.”

    This is a rock-solid point. Some think HB 1073 beneficial, some think it harmful. SD citizens can debate the bill’s merits in good faith. But the crowd screaming bloody murder & undertaking a crusade to block something they call “unnecessary” and/or “redundant” are rather transparently disingenuous. Would they sacrifice Mother Earth — driving hundred of miles, releasing all those terrible greenhouse gasses – just to block a pointless, redundant, ineffectual bill?

    Folks have every right to oppose HB 1073. If you oppose it, explain the harm it will cause. I welcome robust, honest debate. Claiming your passionate political opposition stems from a desire to avoid redundant legislation… strains credulity.

  7. Sounds about right. The BOR has a history of pushing the SAs to testify for bills in Pierre that aren’t necessarily something any SA or general students would support.

  8. This requires a full investigation at SDSU and any and all staff coercing the students into this must be fired. This is exactly the kind of crap the bill is trying to stop. Where’s the press on all of this? This is a scandal

  9. We need to know what administrators at SDSU we’re involved in this shady dealing. God bless these brave students for speaking out. I best the Black Lives Matter mafia at SDSU were behind this

    1. Hey, BB. Do you know if SDSU’s, BLM mafia has issued a statement concerning Edwin Jackson? His death was preventable and one might think the SJW groups would be screaming for justice. Their silence confirms the left’s hierarchy of victmhood exists and illegal aliens fall below black people. So sad.

  10. The rot from the diversity social justice warriors at SDSU goes very deep. The place has to be fumigated. We need some leadership from pierre. Dunn has his head in the sand of supports this garbage

  11. Lefty professors coercing young students to be lefties too. That’s what this bill is trying to stop. Smoke it out!!!

  12. This is a very left-leaning committee, many of the most liberal GOP legislators voted to kill it. That says a lot. This bill is a prime example of why we have the smoke-out rule, especially in light of the SDSU student Senators coming out in favor of it after the vote. As an SDSU graduate, I promise to NEVER again donate one dime to that institution.

  13. It would make it harder to limit speakers who might upset some students?

    Don’t these kids know how to hide under the bed?

  14. Some organization ought to invite Laura Ingraham or Milo Yiannopoulos to speak on campus to see if that is allowed to happen. In some places in the US it would not be allowed. If it is allowed here, then this bill was unnecessary. If it’s not allowed here, the bill will pass next time. And college students listening to these speakers can make up their own minds what they think about the messages they hear.

    1. Finally! someone gets it. I also want students to be write an opinion without having to worry about their grade and/or scholarship. They should be exercise the power of free speech, without consequence from the government. These young adults can then take this information and make up their own mind.

      1. So MC are you for free speech on the Gear-Up and EB-5 scandals? Would you protect state employees from speaking out?

  15. I think there is a Muslim organization behind the scenes stopping this. They stopped a speaker in Sioux Falls. Every person in SD should watch the Honor diaries. These women need our support. Many women are seeking refuge to break away from this barbaric type of dominance and culture. People are to worried about being politically correct by making another law. Go right to the source of the problem and deal with the people that are trying to stop free speech. By trying to guilt people that are free speechers with name calling such as Islamophobics, racists, bigets, etc should not be an option in SD.

  16. Tara- 5Gs: good God girl get a grip.

    Maybe take a sabbatical from posting on here and take some time to look at something other than Breitbart. Not everything is a conspiracy, not everything has a Muslim behind it trying to destroy the moral fibers of America Democracy, not everything moderate is bad.

    All you post are conspiracy theories, which are usually terrible, from less than credible sources.

  17. Is is this more politically correct?

  18. Is is this more politically correct? Just getting information out there for people to decide.

  19. MC, did you talk to Professor Miglena Sternadori about the Honor Diaries screening at USD. Did she testify?

  20. SDSU is now controlled by diversity mafia. Stop all donations to that place. A complete revolution is needed. Black Lives Matter controlling the weak administration. Cut their funds and they will pay attention

  21. I love how people who didn’t attend USD or SDSU comment about how bad it is there- like you actually have first hand experience.

    Please take it a rest-

  22. When will the legislature investigate the Black Lives Matter operatives who are now controlling discussion at SDSU?

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