SDWC Best of 2017 – Top posts by the number of comments

I’ve got a number of chores to do today, but I wanted to bring you something fun, recognizing that it’s the last working day of the year.

So, here’s something to chew on: Here are the top 10 commented posts of 2017.

1 Bollen Pleads Guilty to Unauthorized Disposal of Personal Property Subject to Security Interest
2 Friends of South Dakota Public Broadcasting CEO privately calling for removal of all confederate items from Empire Mall
3 Ever have a time when you hope for mutually assured destruction? GOP’s Extreme Right degrades into Facebook slapping fight.
4 So, that was the version of the Hulk that just kind of sat there and gave credence to rumors?
5 Krebs joins Dem Secretaries of State to refuse voter fraud probe
6 SDGOP National Committeeman and Committeewoman break from Gov Daugaard’s choice, endorse Lederman for SDGOP Chair
7 Well, there went a productive session. Legislator to be investigated for conduct.
8 Secretary of State’s Vote 605 app directing people to Krebs for Congress Campaign Facebook Page
9 Gubernatorial Candidate claims Attorney General Marty Jackley is a “crook who belongs in prison,” and Gov. Daugaard forced “horrible sexual abberance” coming to SD
10 In case you were worried Lora Hubbel took a week off of being nuts….


One thought on “SDWC Best of 2017 – Top posts by the number of comments”

  1. Always fun to look back and then remember that somethings int he beginning of the year happened this year yet.

    Interesting that Bollen and EB 5 plea was #1

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