Searching TV Stations' Public files just got easier

In this interesting story from the Hill, starting next week, it appears that TV stations will now have to post information about political commercials on-line, making it easier to see who is running what:

A federal court on Friday denied the National Association of Broadcasters’ emergency motion to delay the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rule requiring TV stations to post information about political advertisements online.

The ruling means broadcasters will have to meet the new disclosure requirements by next Thursday.


TV stations were already required to compile data on how much political campaigns paid for ads, but previously, anyone who wanted access to the information would have to go to the station in person. The rule, adopted by the FCC in April, will require the broadcasters to load the information into a database on the FCC’s website.

Read it here. I haven’t looked yet to determine if this is going to apply to radio stations, who are also required to keep public files of who is buying what. But I think it’s an interesting development.

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  1. MJL

    If only it was this easy to see who was donating to PACs. While we might know how much people are paying for commercials, it would be nice to know who is behind all of that money. Free speech is not mean that you are free from criticism and analysis.


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