Secretary of State recognizes New Political Party (Libertarian) 

Secretary of State recognizes New Political Party (Libertarian) 

Pierre, SD – Today, Secretary of State Shantel Krebs announced that a new recognized political party has been formed. The Libertarian Party submitted 7,859 valid signatures. The required number of signatures that must be submitted to form a new political party are 6,936 (2.5% of total vote for Governor in 2014: 277,403) (SDCL 12-5-1)

There are currently 1,570 active and inactive registered Libertarians in South Dakota.
The only deadline for a new party is if they wish to participate in the primary election process. That deadline was the last Tuesday in March.

The Libertarian Party may hold a party convention in which they would be able to nominate a candidate for Public Utilities Commission and the 3 Electors for President of the United States.

4 Replies to “Secretary of State recognizes New Political Party (Libertarian) ”

  1. jimmy james

    Libertarians. I am afraid that these guys have about as much chance of winning the White House as the Republican nominee. Donald has no money, no organization and an unfavorable rating somewhere around an astounding 70%. But, have no fear, he is assuring us that his media coverage will be his ticket to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. His access to the LIBERAL MEDIA is going to negate the need for any real campaign organization. They just can’t wait to interview him you know.

    OMG. What an idiot.

  2. cleaning up Pierre

    Secretary Krebs is fighting the corrupt politicians in Pierre. Marty Jackley could learn a few things from her.

    1. Anonymous

      Krebs is a huge Rounds supporter. Pretty hard to teach Jackley about fighting corruption when they were both pulling side by side for the worst of the worst.