Sen. Shorma stepping back from Senate challenge?

I’m hearing tonight from a reader that Gubernatorial appointee Bill Shorma might not be holding tight with both hands on to the State Senate seat he was named to by Governor Daugaard.

Allegedly, Shorma, who was going to be challenged by Rep. Jim Bolin for the Senate Seat, thought better of it, and made a decidion not to run for re-election but to declare he is running for House…and my correspondent tells me he said so at a recent crackerbarrel.

At the same time, there are reports that Kevin Jensen, who has run previously in the primary, is running again, setting up a three-way primary for the house seats as Rep David Anderson has already turned his petitions in.

There are lots of primaries being set up for this year, and this is the latest twist!

5 Replies to “Sen. Shorma stepping back from Senate challenge?”

  1. Anonymous

    Shorma is showing himself to be a classy guy. I really respect this decision if it is indeed true. Daugaard should have appointed Bolin to the Senate and Shorma to the House last year.

  2. Troy Jones

    This a district with three strong representatives. It would have been a shame to lose one. I like this solution. Jim Bolin is a good “old-hand” who has wisdom that the legislature needs.

  3. Anonymous

    So the Governor appoints Shorma and he doesn’t even have the political courage to run for the seat he is appointed to?

    That seems a bit odd. The Governor should have known Bolin would run when he didn’t appoint Bolin to the seat.

  4. Anonymous

    If shorma and anderson win, the people have no real voice in the house. ask yourself, if it comes to an issue the governor supports, will they represent the people or the governor?