Sen. Thune discusses RomneyCare

Mitt Romney, John Thune

Politico has a story about Senator John Thune’s visit with radio host Laura Ingram today. Ingram asked Senator Thune about the topic of the Massachusetts healthcare law and Mitt Romney’s position on the issue –

“Would you advise Mitt Romney to say something different today on RomneyCare  than he has?”

Senator Thune responded:

“Well, I think it would be great, I suppose if he would come out and, I mean I think there are a lot of people who over the years who have, since this thing passed in Massachusetts, have looked at it and said gosh I wish he would come out and then disown it or disavow it,” Thune said. “It doesn?t sound like he is going to do that.”

When Ingraham pressed, asking, “Should he?” Thune answered, “Well, frankly, I would like to see that, but I am not advising the campaign.”


You can listen to the full interview with Senator Thune or skip to 11:20 for the bit about the Massachusets health care law.

9 Replies to “Sen. Thune discusses RomneyCare”

  1. anon

    Good for Thune.

    I’m undecided in this race. I wish I could vote for Thune and I would be a Romney supporter if he hadn’t passed his health care law.

    I’m on the fence i guess between Romney, Perry and Gingrich.

    1. duggersd

      Romney or Obama? Romney. Perry or Obama? Perry. Gingrich or Obama? Gingrich. As Kinky Friedman said, Charlie Sheen or Obama? Charlie.

  2. Stan Gibilisco

    In the November 2012 general election, I plan to vote Republican for President no matter who wins the nomination (even Sarah Palin!), barring some as-yet-unknown Reaganesque Democrat dislodging Obama in the primary.

  3. Spencer

    Gee golly…if my man Perry doesn’t win, I just might sit this election out and let Obama’s path of destruction to continue unabated. I certainly have my preferences in the GOP primary, but I will never lose sight of the fact that we cannot afford another four years of Obama?s madness. Whoever our nominee ends up being, I will do whatever is needed to help push him/her over the finish line.

  4. CaveMan

    My first thought upon seeing this was “Damn we raise some good looking politicians in South Dakota!”

    My second thought is anyone but Obama!

  5. Bored

    Way to go Thune. All these candidates want more war, more government growth, and more unsound fiscal policy. …all except for one anyway.

  6. Anonymous

    I want to vote for Perry but he’s got to get his answers down. The guy is amazing when he is on stage giving a speech but he is also going for the throat of Romney too much. Romney is not my choice.

    I want to vote for Perry!


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