Senate GOP makes shifts in Senate Caucus leadership team. Langer & Bolin elected as Majority & Asst Majority Leaders.

While Governor Daugaard is giving the budget address, I’m hearing that this morning the Senate Republicans made significant shifts in their leadership makeup.

Here’s what I’m hearing regarding how the elections came out:

President Pro Tempore: Senator Brock Greenfield
Senate Majority Leader: Senator Kris Langer
Assistant Senate Majority Leader: Senator Jim Bolin
Senator Majority Whips (they added one): Senators Bob Ewing, Josh Klumb, Al Novstrup & Jordan Youngberg.

Greenfield retains his position as President Pro Tempore, as did Ewing and Novstrup as Majority Whip. However, four others are newly elected, including the Republican Majority and Assistant Majority Leaders.

While new in this position, both Majority Leader Langer and Assistant Majority Leader Bolin are experienced, with both having had served previously as Majority Whips during their time in the State House, and Langer also previously had served as a whip in the State Senate.

11 Replies to “Senate GOP makes shifts in Senate Caucus leadership team. Langer & Bolin elected as Majority & Asst Majority Leaders.”

  1. grudznick

    Mr. Brock is a swell enough fellow, but this young lady will be something to watch as she manages the daily operations of the legislatures. And Mr. Bolin, he is a force to be reckoned with and has steadily risen to power. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran for Governor soon. His best ideas are to smite the out-of-state dark-money hooligans who want to mess with our constitution.

    1. Mike Hamburger


      Kris Langer is not a young lady. She’s a grown woman with experience to back up her leadership position, and I’m sure she’s more than capable of managing the daily operations of the Senate.

      Jim Bolin, while fair, would be a laughable candidate for governor as he continues to age out of relevancy. His Ralph Wiggum haircut will make the SDGOP the laughing stock of the nation if he ends up as a gubernatorial candidate.


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