Senate State Affairs Committee shoots down solution in search of a problem

From US News and World Report/Associated Press, apparently Stace Nelson is still going to be refused “vote for me” shirts at the polling place:

South Dakota legislative panel on Monday rejected a bill that would have let voters wear political attire while casting their ballots.

The Senate State Affairs Committee voted unanimously against the measure, which would have allowed voters to wear political clothing and buttons while retaining a prohibition on campaign posters and signs inside polling places or near their entrances.


The bill came after a Supreme Court ruling last year striking down Minnesota‘s broad restrictions on voters wearing political hats, T-shirts and pins to the polls.

Read the entire story here.

This measure, which no one asked for, really didn’t attempt to solve any problems pervasive in South Dakota.

Moving on…

4 Replies to “Senate State Affairs Committee shoots down solution in search of a problem”

  1. duggersd

    So, I am a little confused. SCOTUS knocked down a law that made it unlawful to wear a shirt or hat or something else in favor of a person or a measure as unconstitutional because it infringed upon free speech? So Stace Nelson wanted to make a law that made lawful something that is already lawful?

  2. Anonymous

    It is sad and, ultimately, harmful to our state that legitimate issues, and in this case even a law defending people’s First Amendment rights, are being discredited because the person advocating them is so discredited.


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