Senator Adelstein and his word of the day

Wow — when Senator Adelstein goes on a rant….it can peel paint…..if you don’t believe me check out the exchange on Facebook….and let me warn you….this post isn’t for children:

Okay — so let’s give it a little more context and see if that makes it any better — although still not for children — unless you are Stan’s 10 year old grandson:

Wow….I think there may have been an interesting point in there somewhere — but I was so distracted by the profane language I missed it entirely.

Someone acquainted with the vociferous Senator Adelstein said it seems like every few months, he just has to have some kind of tantrum or outburst.  So, I guess we are good until October…..

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  1. Stan Gibilisco

    My name is Stan, and I, too, go on freakin’ rants from time to time. Maybe it’s in the name … Idiopathic Transient Cyberspace Hysteria (ITCH).

    Recently someone libeled me on Wikipedia. I ranted at Wikipedia and the libel was gone in 10 minutes. Freakin’ awesome! The howling dog gets the bone!

    When I tried to research who might have committed the aforementioned freakin’ atrocity against my ego, I came up with some good evidence that the person is a freakin’ Internet psycho. One among millions.

    Just deleted the payment methods on my Amazon account after experiencing some phenomena indicating that they’ve been freakin’ hacked. You know, make an order, then see a bunch of spurious goods that you never freakin’ clicked on in your freakin’ life.

    Kill the gaddam beast before it kills you.

    In the news, we hear every day about another freakin’ bunch of scumbags doing their dirty work in this virtual sheet-hole called the Internet.

    So why should we be surprised when a respectable person uses the Internet to have a mudderfreakin’ fit? That’s what this arse-whole medium is for, dear colleagues.

  2. BF

    Why do I question Kristi’s sincerity as she pretends to be blushing here? Umm, maybe because she’s the one who posted the damn thing? Give me a break.

  3. Spencer

    I think we are missing the whole point about why “Stanford” does and says the things he does. It has nothing to do with libertarianism versus modern conservatism and everything to do with his ego versus everyone else. Now if only the redistricting committee could find some way to give him a big piece of humble pie, then everyone could get on with their lives.

    1. Bill Fleming

      Oldguy, just extract the expletives if you don’t like reading them. Then it reads “As long as that flag flies, I can say anything I please, to anyone I please, anywhere I please. I only owe it to be honest to the citizens of District 32 who elected me…”

      Wouldn’t that make you feel good if you were from his district?

      It would me.

          1. Bill Fleming

            Those words were superfluous to the thought, not part of it.

            Decorations, not the cake, oldguy.

            If you don’t like the lettuce and pickles, just take them off and eat the burger.

  4. RLM

    Good for Stan. I agree with him 100%!!
    ( I must say, I would try and use a little less “forceful” language, but then sometimes if you want to get your point across you have to be a little crude).

    I have never understood my party, the Republicans, who believe in small government interfering in people’s personal affairs. The Republican Party I grew up in could care less what people did in private.

    Since this party got hijacked by the Evangelicals, it isn’t the same place. (and before you question my heritage, one of my immediate family served in the SD Legislature for many years in both the House and Senate as a Republican)


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