Senator Angie Buhl: "conservatives don't care about poor people…"

Judging by the curtains in the background, State Senator Angie Buhl possibly appeared in a lost episode of a reality tv show of sorts from the 1960’s… or maybe the Twilight Zone meets Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. Then again maybe it’s just Angie Buhl’s delusional  alternate reality.

I was twelve years old. I grew up in a conservative family. A very catholic family. And I was sitting in church listening and I said to my little twelve year old self, “It seems like Catholics are supposed to care about poor people, and conservatives don’t care about poor people, so why are so many Catholic’s conservative? (pause… Laugh track…. Or were those real people out there?) – State Senator Angie Buhl

Angie evidently thinks Catholics who are conservatives don’t care about the poor. That’s good to know, considering the sizable Catholic population that lives in her district.

It’s also interesting to see Angie’s world view was developed at age 12. Last I checked, 12 year olds were not exactly where I was looking for someone to fix the problems our country faces. I have heard that the onset of alcohol addiction in young people hinders maturation of the brain. Maybe the onset of liberalism has the same effect? You be the judge.

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  1. springer

    Just another young liberal who thinks that only the gov’t can truly care about the poor. If this were not so pathetic and dangerous for the future of the country, it would be funny. The gov’t will only be able to help the poor, or the under water mortgagee, or the young people with student loans, or the people Obamacare is supposed to save, etc ad nauseum, as long as the govt doesn’t run out of other people’s money (to quote Margaret Thatcher). Sorry, Ms. Buhl, conservatives do care about the poor, the sick, the disabled. And I would put my charitable giving (not counting what Obama expects of me in taxes, which is NOT charity) up against hers and probably win by a long shot. I’m not bragging, I’m simply stating that the loudest people claiming that the conservatives don’t care about the poor etc are usually the stingiest when it comes to personal giving.

    Sorry, but I’m fed up! Just heard that Obama wants a global minimum tax now, that he wants to reduce our nuclear capacity by 80% (when Iran and others are ramping up), is cutting the military land forces, is probably putting small drones over the US to spy on us, is gutting Social Security (extending payroll taxes which decrease the SS budget), is ignoring the Constitution once again with the issue of religious freedom (which is not only a religious issue but a violation of the Contitution and an over-reach of the executive branch), and on and on. He is ruling, yes ruling, like a dictator, and no one in the legislative or judicial branch has the balls to stand up to him. I am truly scared for the future of this country.

    Of course, if the country goes to pot, I guess the gov’t truly will not be able to care for the poor, or anyone else for that matter. Maybe she should think about that!

    1. Les

      I agree with much of what you say Springer, but, please stop with the Iranian nuke pander.

      They have been within a year to 5 of a nuke since our dictator the Shah was overthrown in the 70s. If you look at the polls on American support for intrusion into Iran, you will see they have gone from 20% in the 80’s to over 50% now.

      I’d say we are close to having persuaded enough uninformed Americans that it is time to take em down and stop those dirty buggers from trading their oil with Rupees and Renminbi. What are they, about one of five nations without nuclear capabilities?

      Much more important to me than a liberals distaste towards my church.

    2. Stan Gibilisco

      “Just another young liberal who thinks that only the gov?t can truly care about the poor. If this were not so pathetic and dangerous for the future of the country, it would be funny.”

      Right on, Springer.

      In the past two and a half years I have provided what amounts to free housing for three down-and-out locals, largely because, having been in their cycle of alcohol abuse 20-some years ago (and therefore knowing the hell they must endure at the hands of the “Beast in the Bottle”), and believing that they’re good people at heart, I want to give them a break.

      I don’t mean to sound self-righteous, but if I had just left them to rot and die, or assumed that “the government would take care of them,” I’d be about ten thousand dollars richer today.

      But maybe the liberals are right. Maybe they +can+ take care of the poor better, with their massive institutions, than people like me can, with our piddly little bank accounts.

      Let me know, you great wise liberals, when I should cut off the moral and financial assistance to these folks, and let you, in your greatness and wisdom, take over the burden. Let me know the day and the time, and we can try your grand experiment multiplied by maybe twenty million souls, and see what happens.

        1. Stan Gibilisco

          Yes, indeed. And a hard eductation to boot. I wish I could say that those folks are doing well now, that they’ve overcome their addiction problems — but alas, no. Yet, I believe that the real test comes in having the patience and the compassion to stay with people even when they keep falling, even in light of the very real possibility that one or more of them may die from their disease no matter what I do. Would government have that sort of presence-of-spirit, that sort of patience? I don’t know, but I doubt it. I also face the dilemma that, at some point, by continuing to offer support (mainly moral, but to some extent financial) to these people indefinitely, I could end up enabling them, and thereby actually harm them. Will government bureaucrats take the time to think (and pray) as necessary to come to the optimum solution in each and every idividual case of this sort? I don’t know, but I strongly doubt it.

            1. Bill Fleming

              Not to put too fine a point on it, but something like 95% of the people in our SD prison system have an addiction problem. I trust Stan and Troy can work out the economics from there. What exactly is that costing us collectively?

  2. caheidelberger

    Oh, the irrelevant personal mockery continues, “Bill Clay.” You don’t have the right to fling your childish insults until you cowboy up and tell us who you are. Speak up, coward.

        1. caheidelberger

          Thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope my administrators will agree with you (in 2014, when the merit bonus program actually kicks in, not next yeat — read the bill) that I am indeed one of the top 20% of teachers. And because you know my name, you can make that assessment and apply it to your comments. Now let’s have Bill Clay’s real name.

        2. Stan Gibilisco

          After meeting you, Cory, I have a hunch that you’ll qualify as one of the 20 percent best teachers without any problem — and you’ll still say that the merit pay concept is wrong (which I agree that it is).

    1. Anonymous

      Cory’s faux indignation is just silly. He never complained about the anonymous blog authors on all the dem blogs.

      If there’s an issue that’s worth looking into, I’d say we need to look into what Cory’s boss Dave Peters thinks about one of his teachers making fun of Kristi Noem for getting a college education. What a lesson for his students – get a college education, and I will mock you.

      That’s something that would be interesting in finding out.

  3. grudznick

    A couple of pushups, a haircut, and a less Trekkish The Spock Series backdrop (is that the right word, Mr. Fleming…backdrop?) and that very young lady might just be switching labels and going places in the legislatures.

  4. duggersd

    First of all, I believe if you look at many of the missions that feed poor people, provide clothing and shelter and whatever else, you will find the Catholic church is behind much of it. Conservatives contribute as, I am sure do liberals. You will also find that many religious organizations offer missions to different people.
    Second, conservatives believe they can best place their dollars. They like to contribute their money where they like. Liberals such as Ms Buhl believe they can best collect the dollars from someone else and place those dollars. It always amazes me as to how generous liberal are with OPM. Mitt Romney has consistently given over 15% of his earnings to charity. Any guesses on Buhl?

  5. While we were sleeping

    Only 369 people voted for her in the primary against Kathy Miles and she won. She ran uncontested in the general election. Is this a state record for the lowest number of votes to capture a senate seat? Who is running in district 15 to take her out?

    1. Anonymous

      WOW! I had no idea. That is incredible!

      369? 369? really?

      somebody needs to “take her out” as she says in the video.

      1. insomniac

        Or there was a low turnout. Turnout is always low in legislative primaries. For one districts are relatively small. Two most people don’t follow local politics.

        If you can motivate your supporters to turn out you can defeat anyone. Remember back in ’06 after the abortion ban bill? Many legislators who opposed the ban were challenged in a primary. some lost close races. It’s the nature of a legislative race.

        1. Scott Arens

          I’d like to see you make some of these same radical comments while using your actual name, instead of hiding behind the “Anonymous” pseudonym. If you really believe what you say, you’d be willing to put your name in front of it.

    2. Spencer

      Better yet, since she did not have a job at the time (community organizer), she was able to spend 24/7 campaigning against Kathy Miles who had a fulltime nursing job. If that wasn’t enough, Angie raised $20,000 from out-of-state pro-abortion and gay rights groups to blow Kathy out of the water in a very low turnout primary. Angie Buhl needs to go!

  6. Joe the Shitters Full

    I don’t live in her district, but have heard so many good things about Ms. Buhl. This video, however, does not put her in a very good light. Liberals that condemn racism and bigotry, and with the same breath can judge a group of people like Catholics and conservatives shows nothing but ignorance. I am a registered Democrat and I cannot defend this; frankly, it is embarrassing.

    1. KelBel

      Seriously people? She was talking about when she was 12. Do you still believe everything that you thought when you were 12? She does not believe that Catholics do not care for the poor. She knows better and anyone who takes the time to ask her views will see what those of us who know her see. Buhl has a great head on her shoulders and is doing an awesome job. Nothing like blowing little things out of proportion. This is what is wrong with politics. People need to GROW UP and stop talking out of their asses. Keep up the good work Angie.

      1. Ron

        She is the one that brought it up. If you don’t want to be judged on what you did as a 12 year old, then don’t use it as a prop to make stupid bigoted remarks.

  7. Yeah Angie!

    Buhl is awesome! And you guys are pathetic. You have no substance. (Nope, I’m not Angie, don’t even know her personally.) I do know her work and her ethics and her votes. She deserves every ounce of my respect.

        1. Love birds

          I don’t know about you guys but feminazi Angie seems like a “Deel-Breaker” to me. Watch out Mr. Deelstra! And watch your deel.

          I heard they were hanging out last night. A good Republican and a crazy liberal. Our own version of Carville and Matalin. Wishing you the best!

    1. ymous

      She is NOT a good senator and care very little outside of the extreme left agenda. I have tried to talk to this person on a few different occasions and found her rude and closed minded. I will put up money to un seat her as she gives legislators a bad name. Very angry women.

    1. insomniac

      Good one BF.

      Howie and his gang just don’t know how to grade anyone.

      Thanks to Howie and Stace the liberal dems will be trumpeting their great scores and tea party support in the next election while all of the good conservatives in the legislature will be getting primaried by psychos who appear to be helping the D’s win back seats. (and yes I used to like Howie and I still like stace. but at some point they need to give it a rest.)

      What a mess! If only those guys understood how greading scales worked.

    2. Anonymous1

      BF great scorecard! The only thing I would say is that a couple of those bills that she and some Republicans voted for were not Republican bills for South Dakota. These bills tended to be more moderate to liberal bills. One such bill I refer to the midwives bill.

      1. scooby

        I’m conservative and I support the mid wives. That should not be a liberal bill. It should be a bill that advances the freedoms of individuals.

        I like Stace, can’t stand Angie and hope she loses in ’12.

        1. Anonymous1

          The midsives was not a good bill. The midwives group pretty much admitted this it to me. Why? If a midwife is doing the delivery and something goes wrong with the baby, where is the midwife going to go? Right to the hospital to see a doctor. If something is wrong with the baby, most likely the patient will sue the doctor not the midwife. I have had numerous doctors tell me this has happen to friends of theirs in other states. Most of the doctors I talk to say that they don’t have a problem with midwifes. If it can be done cheaper with them, great. The doctors want some provision that if this situation happens, then they are not liable. Good luck with that provision in this sue first ask questions later society.

  8. jolly green giant


    You gave Angie Buhl some good talking points with your website.

    “Angie Buhl is a left wing kook!” – conservative opponent

    “well actually if you read your facts right you would realize that I scored higher than most republicans in the tea party grading scale so i think it’s silly to call me anything other than a consistant public servant who fights for all of my constituents and South Dakota and America and the world” angie buhl potential answer in the 2012 elections

    Thank you to all fo the fools who put these stupid grading scales together.

    The idea that Angie Buhl is any more conservative than any R is appalling ans stupid.

    1. ymous

      She is a liberal but so is Cutler and Deb Peters. Cutler and Peters should just change their party. Their are way to many liberal republicans out there in Pierre and it is time to clean house.

  9. MC Post author

    So much for spending time with what is really important, my one and only Valentine.

    I just about jumped out of my skin when I heard this.

    ?.and conservatives don?t care about poor people,…..

    Since when?

    I know many conservatives who help the poor on a regular basis, they just don’t make much noise doing it.

    Many conservatives will give someone else what they need, not just money, but maybe a box of groceries, arrange for a delivery of propane, or even serve at the Banquet in Sioux Falls. They try to do it ‘under the radar’ and I understand why. Having been on both sides, as a giver and a receiver, I have somewhat of a unique perspective on caring for the poor.

    I found asking for help is one of the most hardest and most humbling things I have ever had to do. Once I did people literally came out of the wood work to help. While some gave money, most people gave what they could, of themselves. To be honest, I felt kind of guilty, getting all this help and support, when I had no way to repay them, then one gentleman said, ?You don’t need to pay us back, you need to pay it forward.?

    This past holiday season, A family checked in Sanford’s Children’s Hospital, they were going to spend Christmas in the hospital. I also know the family was struggling. A few friends and I scraped together some money and got them a really nice Christmas dinner and some gifts for the kids.
    This is the E-mail I got back.

    Michael and family,
    First off I want to extend a HUGE thank you for your amazing show of generosity to one of our pediatric families this Christmas! When they arrived for their appointment- the mother and grandmother were trying to decide what to put on their grocery list (what they could afford) for their Christmas dinner- as soon as I overheard their conversation I gathered some of the staff to help carry in your incredible gift! They were truly speechless and overwhelmed by your kindness. I told them Raymonds story and they were extremely moved. ?.
    Once again, THANK you and God Bless you all! Raymond is surely smiling J
    XXXX(name removed)

    and then to hear a sitting state senator say

    ?.and conservatives don?t care about poor people,…..

    Conservatives do indeed care for the poor, however we do not like money taken to feed some government agency that claims to help the poor, or told we have to do this or that in a certain way or even make a big deal about. Conservatives would much rather buy a man a fishing rod, and teach him how to fish, than to give him the fish.

  10. SDMike

    Looks like they should turn Michelle My Bell food cops on her – looks like she hasn’t missed many meals – just saying.

  11. Clay Bill

    Wow, MC. Just wow.

    Less than a month ago, this is what you wrote in this blog about the poor:

    “What I witnessed in the parking lot at Social Services office in Sioux Falls totally disgusted me. People were walking (out) of the office, getting into a newer SUV with kids and large flat screen TV in the back seat. These people have learned how to work the system. They have learned how to get more from being poor, then someone working 60 hours a week. If someone from Social Services suspects drug use, there is very little they can really do. If they have answered all the right questions on all the right forms, they get what they want.”

    First, you make up a BS story about the “poor” driving up in their big SUVs while watching big screen TVs to collect their government assistance. And you somehow believe that someone poor enough to qualify for assistance makes more in government benefits than someone who works 60 hours a week. You make these wild claims to try to defend the assertion that all poor people should be tested for drugs before receiving government assistance. This measure was introduced last month in the SD Legislature, by a Republican, and obviously had the support of you and many other conservatives.

    This horrid piece of legislation thankfully did not survive. Initiatives to drug test public assistance recipients amount to bullying people who are already struggling and simply seeks to humiliate and shame those who have fallen on hard times in a bad economy and need assistance. It is wrong to deny people their constitutional rights and conduct illegal searches simply because they are poor. The party of supposedly small government is flying in the face of the constitution, trying to impose their radical social agenda on South Dakotans, and intruding in residents’ daily lives.

    What’s equally mind-boggling is how you and so many other commenters on this blog simply can’t believe that someone may (gasp!) actually conclude that conservatives don’t care that much about the poor. In fact, MC, when you view poor people in a parking lot, it “disgusts” you. It’s so much easier for people like you to fawn all over conservative politicians that try to kick the poor around while preserving all sorts of tax cuts and other generous, pork barrel perks for their rich friends who add money to their campaign coffers year after year.

    1. Joe the Shitters Full

      Before I start, I want to state that I am a registered Democrat, and that not all of us are oblivious to or ignore the blatant abuses to our welfare system. Many Democrats have good intentions, but when we ignore abuses to welfare, we lose credibility.
      First off, the story about an SUV at the Social Service Office is probably true. And if you don’t think so, spend some time down at the Social Service Office in Sioux Falls. I personally know someone who works for the Department of Health, and works in the same building. Just last week she witnessed a woman and man come in for an appointment with their benefits worker. This same person witnessed this man and woman, who claiming not to be able to afford food, medical care, and rent get into a newer model Cadillac Escalade. Is this indicative of all on welfare? No, but it sure pisses people off, and shows that our welfare system needs reform.

    2. MC Post author

      Mr. Bill, I really didn’t want to go there, but since you insist, saddle up!

      I have nothing against the poor, or the rich, or even the middle class. They can eat at McDonald’s or the Country Club. they could drive a new BMW, or a older beater. They can be in the parking lot or in a movie theater. They could ride the bus or Segway. They could sit in a box with a fox, here or there in a house with a mouse, I do not care. However When someone who claims they can not afford food, or rent, and drives a vehicle that costs more than my first house; there is a problem.

      When someone works hard to put food on the table, and roof over their family heads, and even that is taken away and given to someone else who can’t afford the gas to put in their new Bugatti Veyron Super Sports (never mind the payments and insurance) because they are ‘entitled,’ I have a problem, indeed.

      I agree the poor need the basics, and they also need to be useful. They don’t need unemployment, they need jobs. The best way to create jobs is to move the government out of the way. Unshackle businesses so they will invest, cut and burn the red tape that bind the gears of industry. At first they will whine, bitch and complain, that they actually have to earn a living and start paying taxes. It won’t take long before they will have some pride. The poor don’t need a hand out from the government, they need a hand up from society.

      You really want to help the poor? Turn over much of the social services that state now does to local churches and civic groups. They know who needs help, and what help they need. You just might be amazed what a community will do to help a family in need. Much of it without the help (interference) of the government.

      When you give to a person or a family that is truly in need, you get a reward back, not in dollars, it is much, much more than that. When that person or family uses your gift to get back on their feet again, and they pay it forward to help someone else, you get the reward again, and again. And there are some things that Visa just can’t buy.

      1. Clay Bill

        “When someone works hard to put food on the table, and roof over their family heads, and even that is taken away and given to someone else who can?t afford the gas to put in their new Bugatti Veyron Super Sports (never mind the payments and insurance) because they are ?entitled,? I have a problem, indeed.”

        “You really want to help the poor? Turn over much of the social services that state now does to local churches and civic groups. They know who needs help, and what help they need. You just might be amazed what a community will do to help a family in need. Much of it without the help (interference) of the government.”

        Now I get it, MC. In your mind, there are two types of poor: the “deserving” poor and the “undeserving” poor. The undeserving poor live in your make-believe world where it is possible for people who can’t afford food to feed their families somehow are able to drive around in luxury cars.
        The deserving poor are individuals who’ve lost nearly every shred of decency (along with their jobs, homes, cars, health, etc.). These are the types of people that even you will help to celebrate Christmas when they are down and out. But even these “deserving” souls, in your mind, shouldn’t receive government assistance. Local churches and civic groups should step in.

        Pull your head out, MC. Stop feeding us bull stories about poor people driving expensive cars and smoking fat cigars. And if you had any inkling of what agencies who assist the poor are dealing with right now, you would know that they are currently operating full tilt to try to meet the needs of poor families/individuals because government assistance is hardly the cornucopia you make it out to be.

  12. Duh

    First, Angie apparently wasn’t listening at church very well or she wouldn’t be {REDACTED}. The morality of her actions speak volumes on her credibility to lead her constituents.

    She is flat wrong on the Catholic church. They have programs up the wazoo.

    Angie is nothing but the poster child for the “entitlement age” i.e. 12-35 year olds who have been brought up with instant gratification; iPads, iPods, cell phones, computers, trophies at every sporting event just for showing up, $200 UGGS, $150 Vera Bradley Bags, crappy reality TV, keeping up with the Joneses at levels never seen before, very little work ethic who expect to start in the mailroom on monday and be CEO by friday. Those who think the Government is the answer for all problems and those who have no loyalty for anyone but themselves. Those who have very little or no accountability wherein it is ALWAYS someone else’s fault for their failures and shortcomings. A sad state of affairs that it is.

    For all of this, I blame us, the parents for spoiling our kids into a society of nothing but little Kardashians, A-Rods and other spoiled brats.

    CAheidlerbergerbergerwithfries: As a teacher, I wonder how much time he spends on state time bloggin his juvenile thoughts…. A pay raise for a dude that teaches FRENCH in SD? What’s next, the activation of the South Dakota Coast Guard???

  13. Bill Fleming

    I?m assuming Cory teaches French because the school system asked him to and he knows how. You on the other hand, Mr. Duh, probably couldn?t teach someone how to tie their shoes? in English. ;^)

  14. Troy Jones

    So much ignorance.

    1) As a 12 year old she made a judgment. She still holds it despite the reality in her own district four of the most significant social justice outreach activities in her district were started and remain significantly supported by both the institutional Church and the laity (Banquet, Good Shepherd’s Center, St. Vincent de Paul, and a Hispanic focused agency run by the Presentation Sisters- name is forgotten). Thus, she is factually ignorant.

    2) She is extrapolating a policy disagreement with certain Catholics into a values judgment. People reach policy positions based through reason formed by information, experience, and values. For her to infer the the values compoent is the rationale for the disagreement, she is basically practicing a very insiduous form of bigotry. So much for the principle of toleration.

    3) She is being unreasonable (without Reason) assuming she is referring to policy disagreements with conservatives who happen to be Catholic. As I said before, policy positions intellectually include incorporation of information and experience. If my information and experience causes one to reach a different conclusion than Senator Buhl, it is not a reflection either of our values. Only our information, experience and reasoning capacity. But, she reduces it to values (concern about the poor). This is de facto unreasonable as she knows nothing about how I think, what information I have, and what my experiences are.

    4) Her statement belies an obvious lack of prudence (As Aristotle said “right reason applied to practice”).

    In short, Angie Buhl’s statement is:

    1) Ignorant of facts.
    2) Bigoted
    3) Without Reason (proper exercise of logical thought and justification)
    4) Imprudent

      1. ymous

        Buhl, Peters and Joni Cutler. They are all the exact same person. Cutler and Peters have some of the worst ratings. Why don’t people like Cutler and Peters just join the democrat party and get it over with.

  15. TNardi

    Just going to put it out there again that Angie was relaying a story from when she was 12. As a very liberal person who also grew up in a very (liberal) Catholic family, I always find it odd that people like Rick Santorum think using the arm of government to help improve the lives of people less fortunate than themselves is evil.

    Catholics are supposed to care about the poor, and by and large one party in this country cares more about the poor. From the mouth of Mitt Romney: “I’m not concerned about the very poor.”

    1. Anonymous

      You apparently don’t know Rick Santorum. That guy couldn’t get enough money from the fed to spend on the poor. The guy is a social conservative and a spender on social policy.

    2. Troy Jones

      Again, it is an intellectual fallacy to assert differences in policy are a reflection of a difference in who “cares” more.

      Regarding Romney’s statement it is intellectually dishonest to take that quote out of context. He was referring to where major policy changes he would pursue. Obviously implied in his statement is he wouldn’t be making major changes in the safety net for the “very poor.” As a liberal, you should be applauding him and not impugning him. That would be the intellectually honest thing to do.

      So much for liberals being intellectual. 🙂

    3. duggersd

      The purpose of the government is not to redistribute money to the poor. There are plenty of organizations able to provide food, clothing, and shelter to those less fortunate. You discount the money, time, and other treasures people do for others. I dare say, the major difference between liberals and conservatives seems to be liberals want to give other peoples’ money away and conservatives want to give their own.

      1. anooner

        Dugger, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what is your special talent? Standing around tennis courts while the players improve through their own commitment and private lessons?

  16. Joe the Shitters Full

    I hope Angie doesn’t plan on running for any higher office, this video will haunt her the rest of her political career.

    1. 73*

      Last I checked Angie thought she was God’s gift to the democratic party. And in the instant that she is 1 or only 5 in the state senate they don’t have very high standards.

  17. Buddha boy

    Angie is the best young legislator that South Dakota has. These childish, immature attacks from the conservative extremists are just par for the course for them. They are unable to argue facts so they rely on ad hominem attacks, that’s the Republican Party of the 21st century!

    Don’t let up Angie!!! Remember this quote, ?First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.? Mahatma Gandhi

    The Left is right, the Right is wrong.

    1. Anonymous

      What a hateful person. No wonder we have these “occupy” people trying to burn down our institutions. It’s hateful people like buddha who have caused compromise for the common good to be thrown out the window.

      1. Buddha boy

        There you have it! Nothing but ad hominem attacks from the Republican Party of the 21st century! No substance, no facts,no solutions, no class. Just nonsensical rantings.

        Thank you very much, Anonymous, for perfectly proving my point. Well done!

        1. Troy Jones Post author

          Fellow SDWC readers:

          Buddha is correct about an ad hominem attack with this statement (“Nothing but ad hominem attacks from the Republican Party of the 21st century! No substance, no facts,no solutions, no class. Just nonsensical rantings.”) with one exception. This is exactly what Angi is doing.

          For those who don’t use Latin, an adhominem attack is:

          1) Appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect

          2) Marked by or being an attack on an opponent’s character rather than by an answer to the contentions made.

          She assserts a most serious charge against a particular group of people in a particular religion with no facts or substance except the observations of her when she was 12 years old in an apparent attempt to denigrate those she disagrees with on certain issues by asserting they don’t “care for the poor.”

  18. Buddha boy

    And she is correct,by the way. Republicans do not care about poor people–they never have and they never will. Hypocrites all of them. You know what they say, “There are a lot of bad Democratic politicians out there–but there are no good Republicans.” Very true.

    1. anon

      How sad of you. I am a Republican and I care very much about people. That is why I continue to donate to a variety of charities.

      1. ymous

        Thanks Bill. We can agree to disagree at times but your heart I know is in the right place (most times).

        There are alot of republicans and democrats that give freely with their time (most valuable asset) as well as their money (needed to provide food and clothing). Labor and money combined regardless of politics help the poor and needy. Buda-step forward with your big mouth and prove you give more then many of us on this site. Put up or shut up!

      1. Anonymous

        Haggar is looking to go somewhere in politics. She’s a political animal. She plays it safer than I’d have thought.

  19. JLB

    You should be ashamed of yourself for framing her words in this hateful, misleading way. She was highlighting a disparity that she witnessed as a child — one that I also saw as I grew up. Her exact words were “conservatives don’t care about poor people” and let’s consider the facts: Conservative values and policies show a distinct lack of caring, lack of support, and all out ignorance toward the needs of people in poverty. That’s a fact. What you’re trying in vain to produce? here is fallacy.

    1. duggersd

      There is nothing hateful or misleading in her words? She says conservatives do not care about the poor. That is false, an untrue “fact”. Conservatives want everybody to be able to get out of poverty. She refers to her former opponent as anti-choice. Again, a false “fact”. If pro-life means anti-choice, then pro-choice means in favor of killing babies. She also called her former opponent anti-gay. Just because some people believe marriage is between one woman and one man does not make that person “anti-gay”. Angie Buhl has herself framed a group of people in a “hateful and misleading way”. And you should be ashamed for stating the same untrue “facts”.

    2. Anony Mouse

      “You should be ashamed of yourself for framing her words in this hateful, misleading way.”

      Honey Bunny, Angie framed her words all by her own little lonesome. If you want to take issue, take it up with her. They uttered forth from her own mouth.

  20. Troy Jones

    Budda and JLB:

    She isn’t making a broad generalization about conservatives or Republicans. She is asserting an observation she made as a 12 year old about Catholics (conservative Catholics in particular) is still true: they don’t care about the poor.

    This is not true, she is ignoring substantial reality many social justice activities of Catholics are supported by conservatives, and she is asserting disagreement on policy is exclusively a value question.

    Finally, you are defending an observation when she was 12 years old where her information and experience was let’s just say one of a child. It is as rational as asserting any childish impression like my view when I was 12 years old that farm wives weren’t to drive big trucks because my Grandma didn’t. Then my aunts became grain haulers.

    1. Angie Mule

      Troy you are absolutely right. I love how all of these equality SD, liberal dems show up to stick up for Buhl. All I can say is I’m glad the Dems aren’t running SD because she has an agenda that is comparable to Obama’s.

    2. springer

      Don’t forget that many good social justice activities were prevented when the libs in their misguided beliefs said that Catholic agencies could no longer participate in adoption activities unless they were willing to give kids to same sex couples. So who really cares about the kids that are now not able to be helped by said charity? The gov’t is so out of control now that it’s pathetic and scary.

    1. Troy Jones

      Not to mention a study of tax returns of Republicans vs. Democrats showed Republicans give a significant larger percentage of their income to charity. But, she isn’t attacking directly R’s or conservatives. She is in particular making a broad based most serious charge against conservative Catholics- they don’t care for the poor. And, basing it on an observation she had when she was 12 years old.

  21. Anonymous

    The whole line of attack is stupid. Everyone knows that Angie is far left; however, not everyone watches her make concise arguments to her peers and continue to stand up for her right to represent the people who elected her. Her views are not my views and, quite frankly, if more people had her views SD would be in a world of hurt. But it is the differing opinions that keep our state functioning and prevents us from making bad laws based on the uber right. I would not vote for Angie, I do not agree on her policies… but I am thankful for people like her that at least use their brain while in Pierre. People need to give her the respect she deserves for the work she HAS done.

  22. Bill Fleming

    I don’t know Angie, but I do know a lot of conservative Catholics and I don’t think they are indifferent to poverty. Not by a long shot.

    As Troy says, we may differ on policy from liberal to moderate to conservative, but in general, Catholics do a lot of good in society. And yeah, some bad stuff too.

    I myself have worked with numerous fellow Catholics (nuns, priests, brothers) on what many here would probably consider to be extreme left-wing causes.

    For example, together, we once stood arm in arm face-to-face with lines of LA Teamster dockworkers and humiliated them for their efforts to keep American fieldworkers hired by big corporate ag from asserting their rights to bargain collectively and elect a union of their own choice.
    I would guess that somewhere around 95% of those striking field workers were also Catholic. I have no idea how many of the Teamster “goons” were Catholic or the growers who were trying to keep the workers from striking, but I expect a lot of them were too. It’s a really big Church.

    Too bad Angie probably won’t show up here and elaborate on her position. Both Troy and I would protect her if she did.

    But seriously, given the way some of you here have spoken of her, why in the world would she? And why should Troy and I have to put up with that bullshit either, for that matter? Have some of you lost your minds?

    1. Troy Jones Post author


      Don’t know if I should thank you and invite critical comments from Sibby about our “alliance” or lament this is faint praise “not indifferent to poverty. . . do good and bad”

      But you are right, I’d love to hear an explanation from Angie on her statement. Can’t guarantee I’d accept it though but would respect her for explaining it. But as a Catholic , I’m a good contrition away from giving forgiveness.

      1. Bill Fleming

        You don’t have to say much to Sibby to get him to lament, TJ.

        As I told you in an email earlier, saying Catholics of any flavor don’t care about the poor is kind of silly.

        Many (if not most) of them ARE poor.

        And as with “We the People of the United States of America,”our leadership is not the Government… we are.

        Same with Church. For better or worse, we are it.
        …not just the Bishops (or those pesky conservatives ;^)

  23. Yeah Angie!

    I’m not Deelstra. I don’t even know who that is.

    I can’t believe someone in an earlier post referred to Angie as an “angry woman.” Seriously? You are still trotting out that old crap as an indictment of a woman?

    Of course many women are angry! Good for them! If you had any experience being treated as second class before you ever opened your mouth or even appeared, you’d be angry too.

    I have no idea if Angie is angry or not. As I said, I’ve never met her. But I am a woman with plenty of anger for plenty of good reasons. So what? Does that scare you? BFD.

  24. Anonymous

    Some kids grew up putting puzzles together and building things with LEGOS. Angie probably grew up piecing back together aborted fetuses. An arm here and an arm there. “Look People for the American Way! I reasembled a baby!”

  25. Anonymous

    Angie supports all kinds of disgusting abortion operations. She is exactly the kind of legislators commies like Cory want.

  26. Troy Jones Post author

    Bottom line: I criticize Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives who claim to be able to peer into the hearts of people. Nobody is omniscient except for God.

    Criticize people’s policies. Even criticize their experience, knowledge or capacity to reason. But, this is disgusting.

    More is expected of people who gain the public’s trust.

  27. grudznick

    Like my friend Bill says, if that girl is only 26, lordy, by the time she’s 32 she’s gonna have poodle bags hanging on her triceps of she doesn’t start doing some pushups.

    Or stay away from sleeveless dresses and gunnysacks. I’m just sayin…

    1. Clay Bill

      Post a photo of yourself. Let’s see what YOU look like so we may add to the highly intellectual nature of this blog by commenting on your looks.


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