Senator Elect/Augie Prof arrested for Sexual Contact without consent

Fresh off of his election, Reynold Nesiba has been arrested:

c0807fc61beab58d933db6604e134e08A man who was elected to represent District 15 in the South Dakota state Senate is accused of sexual contact.

Reynold Nesiba ran unopposed in the November general election; a warrant for his arrest was filed the day after Election Day.

Read it here as the story develops

10 Replies to “Senator Elect/Augie Prof arrested for Sexual Contact without consent”

  1. Class of 13

    He’s a Democrat.

    He was my professor.

    All he did was indoctrinate us in class.

    He was not teaching, mostly hollering at us.

    1. AugieDoggie

      fwiw, You must’ve been pretty damn suggestible for him to indoctrinate you. Most of his theses are a bit of a stretch, especially his Modern Money Theory stuff.

      The hollering, though? Spot on.

  2. Jack Webb

    Rest assured my friends, the lefties will circle the wagons around him.
    Now, how about the local media, will they cover or cover-up?


    Let’s just hope he didn’t grab a female (insert body part) or a male (insert body part).
    Perhaps it’s just a misunderstanding and he was just trying to tutor the young student?

  4. mhs

    So Stormland TV is crowing about “our cameras were rolling just seconds after he was handcuffed and put in the car” over footage of the back of van and a couple cops.

    Translation: we missed the money shot but at least we got out of the office.


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