Senator Jensen runs afoul of another branch of government.

State Senator Phil Jensen is a member of the Legislative branch of government in Pierre. And apparently, he has run afoul of another branch of government. Over a pile of branches:

Under certain circumstances, Rapid City has the legal right to remove dead or otherwise dangerous trees from private property, then charge property owners for the removal.

State Sen. Phil Jensen, R-Rapid City, recently ran afoul of the city’s policy, and now he wants the city to foot a least half of the bill.


The deadline for removal came and went. Several months passed, and the tree remained on the property.

According to Jensen, he did not communicate with the city about the violation but made an effort to clear the tree limbs that were entwined with the power lines.

“We had made a very good faith effort to remove the dead (branches) out of the main tree,” Jensen said at the Wednesday meeting of the Rapid City Council Legal and Finance Committee.


Alderman Steve Laurenti asked Rogers if Jensen had contacted the city to clarify the violation or extend the time he could remove the tree.

“There was no response until Mr. Jensen received the bill,” Rogers replied.

Jensen argued he should have received a second notice about removing the trees, even though the ordinance requires only one.

Read the entire story here.

Is Jensen going out on a limb here in claiming he should have had a second notice on tree removal?

5 Replies to “Senator Jensen runs afoul of another branch of government.”

  1. crossgrain

    Code Enforcement recognized the second tree as an invasive South American variety. They could tell because the tree had different branch structures and bark color from native trees.

    1. Anonymous

      Sen. Jensen’s elderly family members told him that the native tree was an old Cherokee tree–they could tell from the high cheekbone branches.

  2. Oldguy

    this does not surprise me at all. These type of people think because they are elected they should have different rules. Wrong. Troy of course is right.


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