Senator Johnson holds meeting, public not welcome

Senator Tim Johnson continues to shelter himself from those he serves.

U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., will host a farm bill listening session this morning in Aberdeen.

The event, which begins at 11 a.m. at the South Dakota Wheat Growers main office building, is not open to the public.

“NOT open to the public.” While Senator Thune is out crisscrossing the state holding town halls open to anyone who wishes to attend, Senator Johnson is holding closed meetings not open to the public. Quite a contrast between South Dakota’s two US Senators.

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  1. Jane

    It is certainly a contrast with Thune whom I support and admire. It is also a contrast with Noem who was at a Wheat Growers meeting in Aberdeen in November and also had it by invitation only. They both look bad in my opinion and the voters. Maybe Noem can stop by a few random coffee shops and pretend that is constructive time meeting constituents and Johnson can continue to allow his staff to baby him and keep him from voters.

    Noem and Johnson = closed to the public

    Thune = what South Dakota truly stands for.

  2. Anonymous


    1. 73*

      Why don’t you attend one of his town halls and let him know? I’m sure he will set you straight aswell. Nice to be able to talk to a US Senator isn’t it? I wish I could have talked to Johnson about Obamacare.
      Thune works hard for the veterans in SD and it is silly that you push nonsense no one believes.

  3. katzy

    Maybe if we hear of a meeting anywhere by Noem or Johnson, whether open or not, South Dakota constituents should just show up anyway and politely ask to be admitted. If they are denied, have a reporter or two along who will document that and the resulting bad press. Maybe that is what it will take to get it thru to these two that they work FOR US, that it is their job to be open and accessible to our concerns, that it is their responsibility to listen to all viewpoints, and it is us who employ THEM.

    I have a petition to take around to get Noem on the ballot again for 2012, but I’m having serious reservations about this unless she starts having some OPEN meetings. I supported her last time, but with her vote on NDAA and her lack of open meetings, I’m not sure this time around. From listening to people around here, people aren’t that happy with her, and while they might not support her opponent next time, they just might not support her either. Something for her to think about.

    1. Rapid City

      I’m with you. Let’s have some discussioons. Noem could shut us out if she wants. I suppose it would be considered rude to show up and demand to talk with her but that is what she is about. That is why I leave Noem and Johnson alone. I don’t want to be rude I just want to talk with them.

  4. katzy

    We all know that Johnson will never have any open meetings, and we all know why. Nothing we can do about that at this point. Those that voted for him out of a pity vote now see what that got us. Sen. Johnson is probably a nice guy; I don’t personally know him. But he should never have run last time because of the responsibilities this job entails and his inabilities to carry out these responsibilities as they should be.

    1. katzy

      But he is a consistent and predictable vote for the Dem agenda, and that is the main reason he ran last time and had the support of the Dems.

  5. anon

    As it stands now I supported Noem against SHS but she hasn’t really delivered or been a voice. She’s just kind of there.

    SHS was pathetic and Noem is a rubber stamp for leadership. No principles is what she has delivered.

    I’m not voting for anyone in that race as of today.

    Dusty Johnson would be ideal.

  6. Anonymous

    Noem was at a gathering at the Ag Buildinsgs in Watertown about a week ago. Spoke briefly and took questions from the audience which was mainly farmers.

    1. springer

      Was it advertised that she would be there, or did she just show up? Just showing up is not an open to all meeting.