Senator Johnson seeks your opinion

Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD)

Senator Tim Johnson

Senator Tim Johnson is looking for some good ideas. I am glad to see this effort to listen to suggestions from constituents on how they would cut spending.

As Congress continues to look for ways to get our fiscal house in order, I want to give you the opportunity to submit your ideas. I want to hear your input on specific cuts, and I encourage you to submit programs or funding that you would like to see preserved.

Our federal government had three consecutive years of budget surpluses in the Clinton Administration, and I know with the right policies, we can get back on this track. As I travel around our state, I hear great feedback from folks regarding our budget priorities and am expecting to get that same response on my website. I look forward to hearing from you!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to make a great suggestion to Senator Johnson. Your guess is as good as mine on how recommendations of spending cuts will be received, but at least we can generate some ideas. A town hall every now and then would also be a good idea.

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  1. 73*

    I’m going to send him my suggestion just because if I don’t the only suggestions he’ll get are from liberals who want to spend this country off a cliff.

    1. REPEAL obamacare
    2. STOP flushing money down the drain with stimulus.
    3. CUT all farmsubsidies to wealthy farmers.
    4. CLOSE all tax loopholes for wealthy business owners
    5. Get out and meet me in person.

      1. Epistemology

        Post with a regular name, coward. And don’t poke at someone with a disability, ever. Especially don’t do it if your attack implies that they are mentally handicapped when ANY doctor in the world would tell you they aren’t. Most importantly, any doctor in this country would tell you that your sorry butt couldnt hold Mr. Johnson’s jock strop in an IQ test..


          Neither could Mr. Johnson hold his own Jock strap…

          But maybe he can be senator for SD. I’d be more inclined to believe you (and him) if he could find the time to hold a public town hall. JUST SAYIN’.

  2. springer

    Defund and repeal Obamacare (#1).
    Cut every federal department by at least 10% – start with the highest paid employees, a huge share of which were appointed since Obama took office.
    Change the law regarding executive orders; they aren’t allowed except in cases of imminent security threats. This would prevent Obama from bypassing Congress and authorizing spending on his own say so.
    Just a few ideas, none of which Johnson will want to hear or will heed. But he asked, so….

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    This is actually quite an easy task for anyone who is involved in running their own business. First cut the number of employees needed to maintain a positive cash flow in payroll. Second sell non profitable assests which take too much time away from the positive labor force needed to continue doing what is profitable. And third cut the size of operations down to a manageable level which can be maintained with current cash flow or an increase in cash flow due to the three afformentioned downsizing methods.

    The state of SD cut right around 10% of their budget ending a structural deficit.

    Senator Johnson you could publicly admit that the Federal government has too many employees and is spending too much money.

  4. Charlie Hoffman

    Senator Johnson thank you for your years of service to our great state. It was always fun getting to visit with you on the road. GodSpeed!

  5. PNR

    Check out John Hinderaker’s rebuttal of NPR’s rather scandalous reporting on SD Child Protective Services over at Powerline (

    Maybe now we can convince Johnson to defund NPR… I’m all for cutting ethanol subsidies, ag subsidies, any other subsidies for any other businesses, obamacare, “stimulus”, federal employment, student loans & grants, federal money on primary and secondary education, and quite a few other things that are really none of the federal government’s business. But we’re talking a Democrat Senator who pretty much follows lock-step in what Harry Reid tells him to do. Notice that the statement encourages people to also tell him what “programs” they think have to be retained – hardly a robust endorsement of cuts.

    So maybe we can just get him to do this one thing – kill NPR.

  6. Anonymous

    Cut oil & ethanol subsidies.
    Cut farm subsidies.
    Cut military spending by ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and closing military bases in places like Germany unless the host nation foots the bill to staff them.
    Cut federal highway funding for everything but interstates and national highways. State and local government can fund their own roads.
    Cut disaster relief for every routine weather event. Eliminate disaster relief entirely after the first disaster in places where people shouldn’t live like flood plains – including New Orleans and along the Missouri River. You stay at your own risk and at your own expense. Means test any remaining disaster relief – no taxpayer money for irresponsible rich people to rebuild luxury homes.
    Means test medicare benefits.

  7. Anonymous

    Not going after any disability, just wishing they would all resign what are they doing besides fighting.DO YOU ACTUALLY BELEIVE THESE PEOPLE ARE REPRESENTING US.Better yet representing themselves.


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