Senator Johnson's record to the left of a socialist

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Tim Johnson, Ethically Challenged and Consistently Liberal

New Study Shows Senator More Liberal Than Socialist Bernie Sanders

Pierre – U.S. Senator Tim Johnson has faced ethical scrutiny in recent weeks after a Washington Post investigation revealed that he steered federal money toward his wife’s business. In addition to helping his wife, Johnson has faced nepotism charges for installing his own son as South Dakota’s U.S. Attorney.  Johnson’s son, Brendan, is widely-known to be planning his own run for political office using his federal post as a launching pad.

Now comes word of a new study of Congressional voting conducted by National Journal which reveals that Johnson’s voting record is more liberal than that of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, the Vermont socialist.  Johnson’s voting record was also more liberal than his fellow Democratic Senators from neighboring states such as Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

“Tim Johnson is a consistently reliable vote in the U.S. Senate for the liberal Obama agenda and the people of South Dakota deserve to know that,” said Tony Post, Executive Director of the South Dakota Republican Party. “South Dakota deserves better than a Senator who is always looking for appropriations and federal jobs for his family and voting to uphold a liberal agenda.”


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    1. Anonymous

      Maybe so but Senator Johnson and his staff will be out of a job when Marion Michael Rounds cruises to victory in 2014.

  1. Bill Fleming

    …is this study like the one that shows Angie Beuhl being more “Republican” than most of the GOP legislature? LOL. You guys are a laugh a minute.

  2. Dave

    Besides problems with that analysis (Bernie Sanders often votes against D-sponsored bills because they aren’t liberal enough), Tim Johnson isn’t even up for reelection until 2014. Spend your effort on candidates actually up for election in 2012.

    1. thc

      2:11 – Probably not. I mean, have you READ MC’s scrawlings? Seen better grammar and spelling on the sides of NYC subway cars.
      TJ a liberal? Only in SDGOP world. And I notice that JT doesn’t show up on the conservative side of things….about as conservative as TJ is liberal.

      1. Argus Misleader

        I think the point of the press release is that Johnson has lost his way. He’s a socialist now. He used to serve SD now he only promotes his pocket book.

      2. duggersd

        “Seen better grammar and spelling on the sides of NYC subway cars.” Interesting “sentence” considering you are criticizing someone’s grammar.

  3. springer

    Actually grammar and spelling are secondary to the message.

    And is this post really a surprise?? Most of us who follow Johnson’s voting record know he is a dependable, consistent, little sheep when it comes to anything Democrat. I guess he doesn’t have to think much though then. Those who voted for Johnson out of pity last time now see the result of that vote.

  4. oldguy

    I voted for TJ last time he ran. There is no doubt he has voted more party line than ever before. I read somewhere that he has voted opposite of Thune almost 90% of the time. That brings up the question of who really is representing the state of South Dakota wishes as it either has to be TJ or Thune. The next election will give us the answer.

  5. Duh

    I’ve always hated “Breaking News” bits that really aren’t anything. T “Where’s Waldo” J is most likely out anyway, so why make him news? In addition, the tense of the article is somewhat juvenile and states the obvious, to anyone at least, that watches politics. A more seasoned politicant wouldn’t have allowed this out.

    “Breaking News – Charlie Scheen does drugs !!!!”

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks Tim for not saying anything and getting money for the water project.Thanks Tim for introducing nmandatory funding health care in the past unlike one of our senators who puts a bill in and lets it die in committee, for our veterans.Just walk silently and dont make a fool of yourself.


    Aw. So sad to see the Dems in SD come out and defend the leader of their party cause he cant do it himself. If Timmy wasnt your hightest ranking pol you’d have Sen Hunhoff to lead you to a new state flag or some other lack of idea issue to keep you happy.

  8. Anonymous

    Go Rick win the nomination and get whopped by Obama win Ohio and Michigan go Rick. like you will do welll against obabal


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