Senator Rampelberg might be thinking you have to pass his pot legalization bill, so he can find out what’s in it.

Sometimes, I wonder where legislators’ heads are at.

State Senator Bruce Rampelberg is already a sponsor this year of a measure to create a corporate income tax.  And now, he’s all in on starting South Dakota down the road to legalizing pot, as a sponsor of Senate Bill 167, and his latest measure, Senate Bill 171.

Although, he has to admit, he hasn’t bothered to read 171.

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted 7-0 in favor of registering Senate Bill 171 on Friday. The bill would allow the state to “permit and regulate the compassionate use of cannabis (marijuana) and provide penalties therefor.”

On Friday, the bill had its first reading in the Senate and was referred back to the same committee where it originated for a hearing next week.

Committee chairman Sen. Bruce Rampelberg, R-Rapid City, sees the bill as a way to start a conversation about how cannabis could be used as medicine. He said he became intrigued about the possibility of marijuana as a medicine after receiving several emails this year, and in years past, from people who say they have found relief from serious medical issues by using marijuana.


Rampelberg admits he has not read the entirety of Senate Bill 171, but said it will likely need to be amended if it has a chance at passage.

Read it here.

A corporate income tax and 2 measures regarding pot legalization.

With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats?

7 Replies to “Senator Rampelberg might be thinking you have to pass his pot legalization bill, so he can find out what’s in it.”

    1. Pat Powers

      I’ve been talking about them for about the last year or so. I suspect I’ll be doing so again in the very near future.

      Not being a scold, I just have to work, so my blogging is a little more limited than in the last year or two.

  1. enquirer

    this having to do both sides of the political spectrum is hard work. but in order to maintain 80 percent political dominance i’ll learn to live with it i guess.

  2. Daniel Buresh

    Get it done. So much money is wasted on pursuing a drug that has much less negative effects than alcohol. Crime will drop. Prison costs will drop. Tax revenues will increase. The sick and dying will be able to do so with more dignity. The science is showing the propaganda that our parents have perpetuated for so long is wrong in just about every sense. SD could make a fortune with hemp and I will be one of the first to invest in hemp oil plants when the time comes. It’s a complete joke because the opposing forces are using nothing more than fear mongering which isn’t even scientifically supported to push their agenda. Morons. Prohibition doesn’t work.


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