Senator Thune on Fox News Sunday

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  1. Anonymous

    I would love to have Thune as VP, but it is very important to have him in the leadership of the Senate. The Reps have a chance to take the Senate this year. Of course, if Romney/Thune were to win, Daugaard would then appoint a republican to fill out the rest of Thune’s term which would be ’til 2016.

    1. Anonymous

      If Thune were to win with Romney then a replacement (Rounds most likely) would be appointed by the Governor and then that candidate would go on the ballot in November of 2014. It would be like Nelson replacing Dusty in the PUC.

      There would be two Senate races in ’14 one for a candidate to fulfill the remainder of Senator Thune’s term and for Senator Johnson’s term.

      If Daugaard were to appoint Rounds which would be likely in my opinion then Noem would be running for Johnson’s seat.

      It would be a hard race for Noem because voters would vote for Rounds again and then likely feel they needed to split their other vote for SHS if she were to run. It would not be a good senario for Noem.

      1. delegate

        Why do I get the feeling that Rounds will be very tough in a general election but my passion is with Kristi for senate…

        1. Lawrence County

          Another delegate voting his passion. A rural cowboy?

          Well, she is great on ag issues even if she is voting to destroy the constitution at every opportunity. Wait, what is that I hear? Not so great? She has proven she has no mind of her own and ambition doesn’t shine on her ag committee.


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