Senator Thune's future

David Montgomery has a very interesting in-depth article out in this morning’s Argus Leader about the possible paths Senator Thune could take in the near future.

How does Vice President Thune sound? If Mitt Romney likes it ? and some say he might ? then Thune could follow in the footsteps of Joe Biden, Dick Cheney and Al Gore.

What about Senate Majority Leader Thune? The man Thune beat in 2004, Tom Daschle, once held this position. And while Thune might be years away from following suit, he could be one step away by Christmas.

Either path, or others entirely, could set the stage for Thune to capture the most significant title of them all: Mr. President.Or maybe not. There?s plenty of competition among other talented politicians for all these positions.

Nevertheless, Thune?s political talents have helped him rise from a conservative hero after defeating Daschle, through a series of leadership roles in the Senate, to flirtation with a presidential run last year. Now, after building strong relationships with both his Senate peers and Romney, who Thune endorsed early on in this campaign, the South Dakotan is at a crossroads with multiple paths leading to national prominence.

And just because I can, I want to say BJ Nesselfluff came off as a classless SDDP Chairman with his comments in this morning’s area papers. Even for a party official, he came off as outlandishly partisan. I might consider Nesselfluff slime, but even for him this is a new low.

By the way BJ, John Thune received 100% of the vote from South Dakotans in 2010. You received 39.23%.

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  1. caheidelberger

    Of course, Dakota War College considers David Montgomery a tool of the Democratic Party, so his analysis is clearly wrong, and Senator Thune clearly has no chance of gaining further national prominence.

    Nesselhuf’s line—”I saw a memo a few weeks ago that their best bet would be a boring white guy, in which case John Thune might work perfectly“—doesn’t seem any more classless than the typical tripe from Chairman Rave and sleepy exec Post. Boo hoo.

    1. Arrowhead

      I’ve never heard Rave or Post say anything personal about Johnson, SHS or anyone else.

      It belittles you to defend Ben saying stupid things.

      1. anon

        Nesselhuf repulses me. To run Thune down in the mannor in which he did was truly appalling. Nesselhuf is a toilet bug.

  2. Troy Jones Post author

    Assuming this election remains tight (momentum either way will result in an electoral college landslide), I believe these “swing states” will go this way as they reflect either situation in the state (economic problems which work against Obama) or traditional voting patterns:

    Romney: AZ, NC, VA, NH, MO, NV
    Obama: CO, MI

    This leaves FL, OH, WI, IA.

    There is virtually no math that Romney wins without Florida. If Romney can win FL without Jeb Bush or Rubio, he moves on because even with Florida he is still short. Personally, I think Romney will be stronger there than the current polls (Romney up .2% but with Obama stuck at 46%, the undecides will break harder for the challenger).

    He then has to win either OH or WI and IA. In WI, there is probably nobody who helps him carry the state. But in OH, he has Portman. Because Thune is highly regarded in IA, he helps there and will likely be received will in WI.

    So, in the end, the question is does Romney bet on Portman to deliver OH or Thune to deliver IA and WI. My bet is if Romney thinks the recall election in WI moves that as too close to call, Minnesota drifts into the toss-up category, he goes with Thune. Otherwise, he goes with Portman as it is easier to make the battleground one state with a sitting Senator.

      1. Anonymous

        What is wrong with a white guy? If I would say a rabid black guy you would say I was a racist. Since you can use your label of boring, I will use my label of rabid but will omit black . . . A boring guy is better than a rabid guy!!

        I am not a racist nor an apologist for my skin color, but Obama still loathes America and that stand I detest.

  3. mhs

    Anyone who considers the WI recall a national mandate against organized labor is taking way too big a bite. I spent over a decade working with state and local governments in the state. Wisconsin was, by far, the most egregious example of public employee union abuses in the country. Voter patterns showed clearly that the trade unions were fed up with their public brethrens pork-fest. Their fiscal nightmare exploded when the market collapsed in ’08, (leading to an unforgettable meeting I had with the State Treasurer) and a terrified electorate voted in the Governor saying “enough is enough”.

    While the Tea Party and the media want to paint Gov. Walker as a union-busting zealot, he is nothing close to that. He’s a reasoned, disciplined fiscal conservative that works well with both sides of the aisle. To gain that reputation in Madison, the last true outpost of socialist thought in the world, tells you something about what kind of leader he is.

    John’s appeal very much mirrors the Governors’. Both see the fiscal cliff as an immediate crisis, not a sound bite every election cycle. I think he carries WI for Romney. IA is tougher, the Democrats are more affluent and less the blue-collar Reagan Democrats that swung the day in WI.

  4. Arrowhead

    Thune would be the nominee had he run this cycle. If he doesn’t get the VP nod he won’t ever be president.

    He will be Senate majority leader at some point.

  5. Clay Bill

    Well, I just read the article. And the comments made by everyone. Found no statements to be without class, or “slime.” Please elaborate, Bill Clay, on what exactly Ben Nesselhuf said that is so negative.

  6. The American Way

    I have all of the love in the world for John Thune, going way back to the Municipal League days, but with such low public opinion of congress, John Thune isn’t likely to be high on Romney’s list of VP contenders. Again, Thune’s a great guy, but he works in the wrong office. Romney is going to be looking for a Governor.


    BJ has done nothing to help the Democratic Party since becoming chairman. His comments are always over the top, rude and usually un-educated.

    1. Anonymous

      Did Chris Nelons not endorse himself when he ran for Congress?

      How about endorse his deputy Teresa Bray when she ran for SOS?

      And didn’t he endorse Kristi Noem when he lost to her in the primary?

  8. Bree S.

    He’s probably been busy on something else. It’s been a busy couple of days for some people, such as those who sit on the Executive Board.

  9. grudznick

    I got my truth deleted. Imagine that.

    Cowards! You can’t even face Sibby’s truth, let alone that of Conservatives with Common Sense!

    -Please keep comments (relatively) on topic.

  10. Stars & Stripes

    Thune is an odd choice for Romney. Just think, the two are good finance raising chums when it comes to Wall, Senator Thune had a fundraising breakfast at Johnny’s Half Shell this morning with Jamie Dimond (sp.) of JP Morgan Chase..and Thune is a good follower of party decisions (essential for good VPs), but I agree with American Way that the Senate isn’t a glossy resume builder for a presidential team like it once was.


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