Senator Todd Schlekeway holds open meetings

From our SDWC Udate on the right side of the page: this is the kind of openness I like to see from our elected officials. State Senator Todd Schlekeway is holding four open meetings prior to the legislative session.

Sen. Todd Schlekeway

Dear Friends:

I hope you are having a blessed Christmas season with your family and friends!

With the 2012 South Dakota Legislative Session less than 2 weeks away, it is time once again to announce my schedule of open meeting times for interested citizens and constituents to meet with me about issues they are concerned about going into the 2012 Legislative Session.

Please spread the word to interested citizens throughout District 11, Sioux Falls and South Dakota. All of this years meetings will take place at the Hyvee in west Sioux Falls on 26th & Marion Ave.

    Here are the official dates and times of my open meeting schedule:

Tuesday, January 3 (7:00 AM-9:00 AM) at the Hyvee on 26th & Marion Ave

Wednesday, January 4 (11:00 AM-1:00 PM) at the Hyvee on 26th & Marion Ave

Thursday, January 5 (4:00 PM-5:00 PM) at the Hyvee on 26th & Marion Ave

Saturday, January 7 (9:00 AM-11:00 AM) at the Hyvee on 26th & Marion Ave

I look forward to seeing you at these meeting times!  Happy New Year and God Bless!

Sen. Schlekeway

I’m certain there are plenty of meetings taking place across the state with fellow legislators I’m not aware of, but elected officials who hold open meetings like this should be commended. Great work Senator Schlekeway! Your constituents appreciate your dedication!

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  1. Anonymous

    I would strongly support him if he ran for Mayor of Sioux Falls. Is he considering this or is it just speculation?

    Great work on the meetings! Noem should take note of these events and then follow your blue print.

    For goodness sakes if Schlekeway can have 4 meetings in 4 days with 7+ hours of his time why can’t Noem do four in a weekend?

    1. Don

      The differnce is simple Schlekeway wants input from his constituents Noem doesn’t. The Tea Partiers might hold her accountable and the liberals might disagree. It won’t be long until Noem starts holding public meetings. If she doesn’t I’ll be stunned.

    1. insomniac

      You are right heidelberger. Good for Klocek.

      And the establishment can say what they want about Stace Nelson he is holding them also and he’s a great guy. I don’t always agree with his positions or tactics but I don’t see why it matters when his constituents like him.

  2. Anonymous

    I guess I’ll be heading down to the local HyVee on the the 4th for lunch with senator Schlekaway. I’m tired of sitting at home waiting for congresswoman Noem to call me for a tele town hall. And the sad thing is I agree with her on most issues. She’s avoiding those who support her not just those who disagree with her.

  3. Anonymous

    This news seems to be what could be interpreted as the soft bigotry of low expectations, not necessarily for the gentleman spoken of above. But should it be news that a general meet and greet was performed? Kinda sad state of affairs.

    1. Anonymous

      Hadn’t thought of it like that…but good point.

      I think part of the lack of town halls and public constituent meeting can be traced back to the health care debate and the divide that the radical right/left seem to mistake for good public discussion.

      1. Arrowhead

        I agree with what you said about the radical left/right ruining it for the rest of us. I however, do not think SD citizens would be rude to Johnson, Noem or Thune.

        There will certainly be some who are upset or passionate but what is wrong with that?

        Noem and Johnson have an obligation to hold town halls as elected officials. Or else who cares if Herseth does or anyone? I’m more upset with Noem than Johnson because Johnson is a joke and Noem campaigned on being different than Herseth and Johnson.

        I couldn’t tell you where she stands on most issues. She is very vague until leadership gives her aproval.

  4. Anonymous

    If my friends Ellis, Hubbel, Nelson and Howie wanted a little more influence in SD they would hold several town halls with Noem and Thune open to the public on any topic. Make the conservative movement mean something. We don’t expect much as a state but I bet Noem wouldn’t have voted for the debt ceiling increase if she’d have held a few town halls and listened to her constituents. She raised Booker’s debt when she voted to raise the debt ceiling.

  5. grudznick

    Young Mr. Schleckeway is not my legislator, and a lot of people seem to feed him soft puffy marshmallows of gratitude and kissassedness. That’s a term my granddaughter told me that I don’t really understand but I liked typing it out.


    this is a fair question. I’m sure he’s a great fellow. but what has he done? Where does he stand on this conspiracy stuff? Why does PP not post about it here? There are a lot of questions that many people would like to hear Mr. Schleckeway talk about besides just being a swell guy.

    Heck. I’m a swell guy. Sibby is a really swell guy. My breakfast buddy Bill is an almost awesome guy. But nobody’s lauding Sibby. I’m just sayin…

  6. Mitchell

    Hey Noem is holding meetings at random coffee shops in Mitchell… She just won’t say which one’s and when…
    From MDR:
    The release said Noem, who is up for re-election this year, will visit ?Mitchell coffee shops? beginning at 11:30 a.m.

    I don’t want to be a jerk but if Todd Schlekeway and other random state legislators are holding meetings and Schlekeway is scheduling and advertising them a week in advace for location and time what is Noems deal?

    I’m growing tired of her political games.

    1. Anonymous

      Noem has become part of the DC culture. She hired DC staff to tell her how DC works and she has learned the DC protocol.

      Anyone of you who thinks Kristi is out for anyone but herself is dead wrong. What has she followed through on since getting elected? She follows Boehners line.

      Thank you Schlekaway for being open and honest with the citizens of South Dakota and giving them a chance to speak!

  7. Anonymous

    I don’t know why it is so hard for any of our elected officials to hold public meetings. But it’s nice to see when they do follow through on them.


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