@senmarcorubio at #Dream16

I got a chance to get a couple of great photos of Marco Rubio speaking at AFP’s #Dream16 Summit. At least, until maybe I got a little too up close… and they told me to get out of the aisle.

Oops. Sorry about that. But I liked Rubio in the presidential race. I was just overly enthusiastic. (It was worth being scolded.)

3 Replies to “@senmarcorubio at #Dream16”

  1. Springer

    Jeb wouldn’t have won. I had an email from Romney soliciting money for Rubio. I like Rubio, but I have no time for Romney since he went after Trump. I replied to that email that they wouldn’t get any money from me via a request from Romney, but doubt anyone will read it. Romney had my support last time, even though he wasn’t my first pick, and he should have been willing to endorse the GOP candidate this time around IMO. Heck, Romney requested Trump’s support last time around and got it, but I guess Romney had selective memory.