Serial troll given the boot from another South Dakota web site. Someone trying to clean up his act for the election?

A reader sent me a note that it appears one of the serial trolls that tries to haunt the blogosphere got booted from yet another web site.

Larry Kurtz, who has long been banned from the SDWC and other web sites for his profanity, misogyny, bigotry and other hate speech apparently managed to pick up another boot from a web site this week, as at the same time he mysteriously disappeared from the ultra-liberal Dakota Free Press, he started leaving love letters to it’s author on twitter:



kurtz2UPDATE – Yes, he has been blocked.


Kurtz is long known for the hate speech & invective he has been banned from posting here. But, he has traditionally been allowed free reign to post at websites belonging to Cory Heidelberger.

Cory Heidelberger, former Madison Teacher.

District 3 State Senate Candidate Cory Heidelberger

With Heidelberger recently announcing as a candidate for State Senate, it has been noticed that he’s locked down his personal facebook account, rendering it inaccessible to those who aren’t already friends. With this new step of booting someone glorifying drug use, and promoting such gems as plastic making people gay and that cops are all drunken wife abusers, Heidelberger might be trying to lock down potential venues of opposition research and clean up his web presence to remove the darker side of the Internet that he had previously allowed to flourish.

It’s probably a smart move on his part given that Heidelberger is given little chance at defeating long-time state legislator Al Novstrup who he is challenging for the District 3 Senate Seat.

There’s no need for unforced errors caused by others. No matter how much money they’ve given Cory in the past.

8 Replies to “Serial troll given the boot from another South Dakota web site. Someone trying to clean up his act for the election?”

  1. Lynn

    Cory’s sidekick will be back within a week. Those two have a strange bromance and Cory has basically endorsed his toxic, drug induced anger filled behavior which has not only reflected negatively on Cory but the SDDP. He gave him the platform and his other bizarre hate filled blog is on still on DFP’s blog feed.

    Claims that Senator Rounds was resigning.

    Republican Blogger has terminal cancer

    Homeland Security/FBI/ATF Swat teams will surround and make their move on Senator Betty Olson’s Ranch.

    Kurtz’s Life Sucks!

    I highly doubt District 3 will send a flame thrower to Pierre.

  2. mhs

    Used to be a place where diverging views could debate differences and agree on things like the Bosworth mess being bad for both parties. It sadly just went off the rails about six months ago.

  3. William Beal

    In Larry’s online presence he appears to be deeply disturbed and I wonder how he comports himself offline.

    Is “Larry Kurtz” some form of performance art, or is he truly as dysfunctional as he appears?

    1. Lynn

      William at the very least Larry needs an intervention and serious help. 24/7 he is trying to get others to use various mind altering drugs to justify his own substance abuse issues and then there is his anger which has totally consumed his life.

      Despite being warned several times Cory has been a willing partner and has encouraged Larry’s behavior. Together they have helped to severely damage an opposition party here in SD but you can’t tell them anything. It’s like an ADD or ego thing and they have fed off each other.

  4. Anonymous

    I sincerely believe that sexist, homophobic, racist, women-hating, anti-Christian bigots like Kory Heidleburger and Kurtz should have a public outlet to vent their anger and hate. Once they go underground with their bizarre worldviews, we cannot keep track of their activities.

    The voters will hold Kory accountable for what he spews and what he allows to be spewed. One wonders if his family will also suffer for his hate? Maybe he’ll change his ways once he realizes just how much hate & hurt he causes.



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