Server crash

Sorry for the recent problems. The server crashed, and we needed to restore the site from backup.

It appears we also lost several of our most recent posts and many comments from the posts that remain.

We should be back up and running now.

8 Replies to “Server crash”

    1. Bill Clay Post author


      You come off much more aggressive on the blogs than you do in person.

      Relax. Take a deep breath and count to ten.

  1. grudznick

    I dare say, when PP ran this parade he often had attacks from the outside that smote him squarely in the eye, and he came back from them. My only concern here is that Sen. Stace Nelson and other speakers-of-the-truth did not have their comments convienently “lost.” People should check their past comments and make sure the record is clear.

    1. BF

      Grudz, posting here is an exercise in chaos theory. The site has never been stable. What’s more, the people who run it will erase the whole thing on a whim if they feel like. In short, if you are concerned about preserving your significant wisdom for posterity, brother, you’re accessing the wrong set of hard drives.

    2. Any Name

      Those dastardly people who post with their real name, always conspiring to hide their comments… String them up! Hold them accountable! How dare they!

  2. Mr. Potato Head

    Stace Nelson is a class act. I’m certain he is capable of fending for himself. John Thune looks up to the guy. LITERALLY!!!


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