SF City Councilors skeptical of taking over functions of State Government

Janel Brekke, recently elected to the Sioux Falls City Council is trying to gin up the nanny-staters in Sioux Falls to take over the role of state lawmakers because – by gosh – they’re not tough as she’d like on the use of handheld devices in cars, and she wants to ban people holding phones to their ear.

But not everyone agrees:

Playing the role of devil’s advocate, Soehl likened a handheld electronics ban in Sioux Falls to a city-wide helmet law.

“If Sioux Falls is trying to lead the way in the state’s driving, is our next step a helmet law in the city limits,” he said.


Erickson shares Soehl’s concerns about diversifying from the state’s traffic laws. And the lone dissenter to the 2015 handheld electronics vote still serving on the city council still isn’t enamored with the idea in general either.


“Sometimes education and awareness are far more effective than the heavy hand of government,” Erickson said.

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Education – not regulation. Pass it on.

4 Replies to “SF City Councilors skeptical of taking over functions of State Government”

  1. Anonymous

    Why stop there? What about holding a cheeseburger to your mouth while singing along with the music? Ban eating and singing in vehicles. Or, women applying makeup while driving? Ban makeup in vehicles. Ban it all, Brekke, you know you have the power.

  2. Anonymous

    Just because Brekke isn’t coordinated enough to talk on a cell phone and drive at the same time doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be allowed to. That is the way with some people: you always adjust to the lowest common denominator. Keep out of my car, Brekke!


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