SF Councilor Theresa Stehly to vote against Mayoral hire who pointed out her misinformation on Facebook

In Sioux Falls, there’s a bit of controversy going on because City Councilor Theresa Stehly doesn’t like one of the new Mayor’s city hires.

So, why exactly is Stehly opposing him…

Reisdorfer isn’t unfamiliar to city government, having served on the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Board while volunteering his time in other capacities. But that’s not how he got on the radar of Stehly, who Thursday plans to formally announce her opposition to his appointment during an afternoon press conference due to what she says was behavior “unbecoming” of someone looking to enter public service.

“We need the person with the highest integrity, but my experience with this guy has been anything but,” she told the Argus Leader Wednesday. “I think his attitude was that of a bully.”

Stehly’s concerns about Reisdorfer stem from a series of social media exchanges the two had during the deliberation process underwent by the Parks Board and the City Council about choosing a third party to run public golf courses in Sioux Falls.

Read that here.

So, what was this egregious sin that Reisdorfer allegedly committed against Stehly?

Apparently, according to Stehly, it’s now “bullying” to point out on facebook when an elected official is slinging B.S.:

And from the original post…

The public’s ears must be burning over all that scathing bullying that Stehly had heaped upon her. Or possibly she’s coming off as more of a vengeful snowflake over being caught.

It sounds like the only sin Jason Reisdorfer is guilty of is calling out an elected official – Stehly – for spreading misinformation and when caught trying to edit the narrative.  By announcing her opposition to his hiring because of this, it looks like she’s fighting against the very thing she claims to champion.

If anyone is bullying anyone in this situation, it’s certainly not Reisdorfer.

This one is all on Theresa Stehly for using her public office to silence and punish a critic. 

Playing the victim isn’t going to work for Stehly in this case. Because there’s no doubt who the bully is in this situation.

And if she can’t be the bigger person, she probably needs to be in a different line of work than representing people.

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  1. I am amazed at the number of people that have published opinion Jason online that have never met him. He’s an alright guy that played a big role in helping turning Weisser Distributing into the $50M/year e-commerce giant that it is. He should get some credit for that. I don’t know if I’d call him a tech visionary, but he’ll work hard and do a decent job in the proposed role.

  2. I’ve known Jason since before his “pizza days” and observed his professional and civic developement. It is this type of person that good government needs ! Good luck in your new endeavour !

  3. In 1980, I am the intern for Hal Wick. I don’t remember the issue or other involved but a person who was supporting Hal’s position wa s doing so with really bad information and rationale.

    I told Hal this and thought he should correct the person. He said this is the first lesson in politics he was teaching me. The following is the essence of what he said to me.

    “Troy, you will always have stupid people for you and stupid people against you. It evens itself out over time so spend your time with people who can understand what you are saying.”

  4. It’s been about 24 hours since Stehly was bleating to the media about some other perceived wrong or injustice so she was due to summon them again. She always railed on Huether for anything and everything but her ego easily rivals his, if not exceeds. Don’t go away mad Theresa, just go away.

  5. I don’t have a dog in this fight. But …

    Reisdorfer gets $190,000 for this city job? That’s completely ridiculous. More pay than a member of congress. 75% more pay than the governor. The mayor is wasting taxpayer money with sweetheart pay deals for his buddies. Not good. Not good.

    1. Sage

      Aside from singling out this one position, I think your point holds true largely across the board. Local, state and federal.

      1. Would agree. From a conservative opinion (didn’t know it was a $190K salary), who in SD should make that much in a government job?

        1. The free market dictates a salary such as this one. Arguably this job requires a specific skill set that most people don’t have-

  6. Pat,

    Don’t you know that females are always the victim, and males are always the bully? Look at what happened at CBS, one of the leading sources of fake news.

    1. That would be Cory’s blog, who uses a false victimhood of women to implement the global Oligarchy’s divide and conquer strategy against America.

  7. Juiciest story of the week here however, 1. Not a good time for city of Sioux Falls not bloggers to “rag” on Stehly. She has a huge support base of everyday folks (again invoking :hunger games” analogy) 2. Taking sides on a popular blog and singling out women…er ..well that speaks for itself 3. I believe that all this hoopla has come at a time when Sioux Falls taxpayers have little faith in their government so answering questions about Spending by city on salaries and benefits AND layers of government being supported by taxpayer is long overdue. ( big wish list vote coming up Tuesday by Sioux Falls Schools who have 2 opt-outs already to fleece taxpayers) This story is timely and has merit as it points out excessive tax and spending in the state’s largest city. Jason who???

  8. I think it’s important to note that Jason is currently a high-level executive at a $50m/year e-commerce company. He’s probably already making north of $150K/year, so to say that he’s not worth $190k per year doesn’t really hold up. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s taking a paycut to work for the city.

    1. Highly qualified people would be waiting in line to take this job for $100,000. Paying a crony twice market rate for a position doesn’t fly in government, or it shouldn’t.

  9. This blog has never been for a woman. I bet pat plugs his nose when he has to send out feel goods about Noem, he was a Jackley man and a Dusty guy. Didn’t like Krebs, Hubbel, Volesky etc. surprising when he has daughters, but that’s who he is.

    1. Perhaps you are one of the dopes convinced every single Republican secretly hates women, that the 26 million women who voted for Trump all despise themselves, and that political conservatism is equivalent to misogyny. If that’s your stance, you’re welcome to it. Troll away.

      Quick Question: Who’s NOT misogynist? Liberal men? Because Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein and Antony Wiener and Louis CK and Charlie Rose and Garrison Keillor and Bill Clinton and Casey Affleck and Woody Allen and Al Franken and Eric Schneiderman and Eliot Spitzer and Keith Ellison and Francisco Domenech called… but hey, don’t let a bunch of unpleasant facts disturb your smug, self-congratulatory outlook.

      Me, I’m voting for Kristi Noem. Solid Conservative. Great Lady.

  10. Anon 11:31, why do you think this has anything to do with women? It is about an upset councilor that can not handle being called out on her bullsh*t and crying to the public about it. That resembles my 4 year olds attitude when he doesn’t get what he wants. You libs always have to bring the identity political card to the table because you have no other argument.

    1. Pat Powers, and my Republican comrades,
      I supported the appointment of our City Attorney Stacy Kooistra with enthusiasm and great confidence. On both appointments(Attorney and IT), I have been upfront in contacting Mayor Paul Tenhaken with my concerns and comments.

      This IT job that pays $190,000 (including benefits) needs an individual with high integrity and experience. I also want an individual with a track record of standing up for transparency and Open government for the citizens!!!
      I have concerns about the issues that arose with this candidate out of the Secret Golf Course selection committee and the past resistance of the Park Board to be video taped. I also have concerns about the attitude that works against bringing all citizens to a place of representation on the Park Board.

      We are not elected to be rubber stamp ” go along to get along” council members. This will be an important vote. I invite the public to come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday Sept 18th to express their support for and against this nominee. Also catch it on cable channel 16.

      1. I, and I assume I can speak for a few others when I say, have concerns for your fitness for the position you hold.

        You accomplish absolutely nothing, act like a child, and make your positiong a waste of taxpayers money.

        Please resign-

  11. If this guy has a rare skill that can modernize and streamline government saving millions, it is anti-taxpayer and irrational to say “but that salary is too much for a government job. I’d prefer the inefficieNcy.”

    And, Stehly better have something of more substance than intimated in the paper or I will change my position and give credence to the caricature I constantly hear from sources I trust.

    1. Was this job advertised competetively? What was the advertised salary range? How many resumes were collected for this job? How many people were interviewed for this job? Who says nobody else would or could do this job for a lot less money? How much did the last person in this job make? How many years of experience did that person have?

      Your speculation is wild and baseless Troy. Theresa Stehly has some valid and on point questions to ask, and hopefully she’s not the only one asking them. I’m glad she’s not a rubber stamp for this mayor or the last one.

  12. Sage,

    All good questions.

    And, please read the first word I said before. “If” is a significant word. I never asked someone to be a rubber stamp,

    I don’t know the answer to your questions. And have no position other than thinking it moronic to have a knee jerk position without all the information..

    And a councilor willing to think before talking would ask the questions before she made up her mind.

    Finally, I will repeat if all Stehly has in opposition what she intimated in the paper, she is starting to convince me her value is significantly less than I originally had.

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