Shad Olson is threatening to “start naming names,” while claiming hundreds of women have “sent him the goods.”

Campaign consultantone-man Air Supply cover band, and occasional TV newsreader Shad Olson went off on a rant a few days ago grousing about people trying to discredit him.

And you’d better listen up, because he claims that women desire him, and people are shaming him…

Or, maybe I just empty the contents of MY inbox and sow divorce, dissension and marital discord into about 200 marriages involving unhappy wives who’ve had a glass or two too many and sent me the goods while watching me on the 10pm news. Don’t worry, ladies. Never would.

The real kicker is….every single person, in every single scenario named above is a flaming liberal porkchop. And yet, despite what I know, I’ve never once used that information as a political weapon.

That’s who I am.

And you. You’re so desperate to discredit me, you’re on my page and elsewhere spreading lies and stupidity and waving your mentally challenged hypocritical shaming finger in my direction, while your glass house begs for a slingshot and a pocket full of stones provided eagerly by people who know your secrets, too and are sick of your crazy.

So, you’re all stupid, and you should knock it of, or he’s going to “start naming names” and telling tales. Read it…  well, you can just read it all below.

It’s kind of hard to wrap your arms around some of it, but the BS meter is definitely blaring when you’re reading his claim that “about 200” unhappy wives have “sent him the goods” while watching him on the 10pm news.   Unless there’s a secret community of women who have a thing for dudes whose eyes are too close together and prattle on about themselves.

The election is tomorrow, so there’s definitely better entertainment available.

Turning the channel…

16 Replies to “Shad Olson is threatening to “start naming names,” while claiming hundreds of women have “sent him the goods.””

  1. Anonymous

    Is this all because Shad was caught sending that lude message to the Flirt Girls dancers? He’s really losing it.

    (Allegedly sent that message. I believe Shad claims he was hacked, if I’m reading correctly. And Flaunt Girls, not Flirt -editor)

  2. Anonymous

    It’s not that hard to wrap one’s mind around some of what was said. The swinger’s parties really aren’t that secretive, I’ve been asked by a married co-worker to join her at one. From what she said, Tea, SD is the place to be if you want a free STD;)

  3. Anonymous

    More like “sent him the BADS.” Am I right?

    By the way, Shad, if you’re going to continue mocking others for their supposed intellectual inferiority, you’ll probably want to know that the chief executive of an educational institution is a principal, not a principle.

    Good job calling out the government schools though. They’re satanic hellholes.

  4. Troy Jones

    I’m confused. Why is he asserting being a golfer is the path to perdition?

    It’s the bowlers who wear other peoples shoes and all. And, have you ever observed people playing bridge. They have some really suspicious sounding terminology. A moysian fit? Passout seat? Table feel? It has to be dirty.

    1. Anonymous

      If you’ve ever worked as a bartender or pool attendant at a golf club, it’s not that confusing. At first you’re surprised people engage in such things and talk so openly about it, but when you’re constantly treated as if you don’t exist you get to hear about many unbelievable activities.

  5. anon

    For a long time, I thought maybe Dr. Boz was the most narcissistic person around, but I think she’s been surpassed by this nut job.

  6. jackrabit1

    Are you sure he’s not preparing to transition into a second career as a “shock jock”? Even Howard Stern would think this guy is muy creepy!

  7. a friend of education

    All kidding aside, if anyone reading this is using meth, please get help now. It’s poison. It’s the plague. Unless you quit, you’ll destroy yourself and everything you care about. No, I have not tried it, but I worked enough years in the justice system to see its inevitable consequences: tendrils of pain & loss which extend far beyond the countless individual lives wrecked. Meth –> mothers, fathers, daughters, & sons weeping in the courtroom or at the funeral. Seek help though your pastor/ church/ synagogue/ mosque or at

    here endith the lecture. God bless.

  8. duggersd

    I must not get out enough. I never heard of Shad Olson and after looking him up, I still don’t know much except he seems to be a tin foiler.


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