Shantel Krebs files US House Race Financial Disclosure Statement

After filing a one month extension back in May, Congressional Candidate and Secretary of State Shantel Krebs filed her US House Race Financial Disclosure Statement for the contest:

Krebs US House Financial Disclosure by Pat Powers on Scribd

Comparing it to Congressional Candidate Dusty Johnson’s disclosure, Krebs’ finances seem a bit… slimmer for someone who has touted their business acumen in the past.  In the disclosure, on the income side, she notes her state salary, her husband’s work, and some modest retirement investments. On the liability side, she has a $15-50k line of credit for a business, and a $15-50K Home equity loan.

What’s coming up next in the Congressional contest? Candidate financials end today for the quarter, and we should see reports in the next few weeks.  And we should see candidates active on the campaign trail this weekend through the 4th of July Holiday. (I’m sure I’lll have pictures!)

Stay tuned!

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    1. That section says in the last three years. Just depends when she received the last check.

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