Should it be called a Godless – Abortion – Gunless Democrat meeting…. GAG for short?

Apparently, it’s a slow news day in Aberdeen. A very slow news day.

The local newspaper which claims they’re not biased against Republicans today has a front page story on how Democrats are frontpageholding a meeting to try to gin up some interest in the once proud, but faltering Democrat party by hauling out some of the core liberal leadership.

They’re having a meeting, so that’s front page worthy?:

“We’re hoping that from this event people will see what the citizens of the community have on their minds,” Jennifer Slaight-Hansen, a member of the Aberdeen City Council and chairwoman of the Brown County Democratic Party, said. “Are we on the right track? Do we know the pulse of the people?”

The panelists are hosted by the Brown County Democratic Party. Although one panelist is a current state senator, none of the panelists are currently seeking office.

Panelists include:

  • Cory Heidelberger, political blogger.
  • Billie Sutton, state senator from Burke.
  • Ann Tornberg, chairwoman of the South Dakota Democratic Party.
  • Kathy Tyler, former legislator.
  • Susan Wismer, former South Dakota gubernatorial candidate.

Read it here.

Interesting they left the party ED back in Sioux Falls for this Dog & Pony show.  Apparently, they want to insulate her from the bomb throwing. Looking at the composition of the group, it’s not looking like most of them are mainstream democrats. Or mainstream South Dakotans for that matter. As opposed to being comprised of the most liberal views  of the SDDP. (Billie Sutton might want to consider the company he keeps if he wants to run for higher office).

A “front porch forum” hardly sounds descriptive. Instead, maybe riffing off of some of their viewpoints, they could call it the “Godless Abortion Gunless Democrat” meeting or “GAG’s” for short.  While Democrat’s grinder monkey Cory proselytizes his atheism, Kathy Tyler can explain why she believes Jesus was in favor of abortion, and Ann Tornberg can explain her party’s position on Gun Control.

Why, I’m sure they’ll be able to GAG people in Brown county from miles away once they hear what the SDDP’s liberal core has to say!

I’m not sure there’s a takeaway from this, other than for Republicans  – make sure you ask for front page coverage next time you have a meeting.

38 Replies to “Should it be called a Godless – Abortion – Gunless Democrat meeting…. GAG for short?”

    1. Mr. Blonde

      Heidelberger is probably the only one worth listening to of that group. The rest don’t bring much to the table.

  1. Anon

    I think Tyler is gearing up for another run at District 4. Not sure if she will attempt to take on Wiik/Deutsch to win her seat back in the house or if she will try to take over in the senate if Jim Peterson steps aside.

    1. Pat Powers

      I suspect it would trigger a long run of ads how she thinks Jesus was pro choice, and how she made a revenge vote.

  2. Anonymous

    I say if Tyler runs against Wiik and Deutsch we all send them $100; she is crazy liberal and they are good men. This race should be a priority, if she runs again.

  3. DJ

    With Tyler’s now famous statement why she voted against funding for SDSU — “it was a revenge vote” — I sure hope someone records the event.

  4. Anon

    Tyler still maintains an active Facebook page tallying 20 posts in October (Better than Hawks who is running!). She changed the page from “Kathy Tyler, District 4 Representative” to “Kathy Tyler, South Dakota Democrat”. I think there’s a small chance she runs for a statewide office since the SD Dems are sparse but I doubt it. I also doubt she takes on Deutsch or Wiik unless it’s a pride thing for her. My money is on Peterson stepping down and Kathy stepping up. I just hope there’s someone who will take her on in District 4. Any thoughts on Kathy or as to who that could be?

    1. Pat Powers

      And I might add this to my nightly prayers…..

      “Dear God,

      Please let Kathy Tyler who is on tape for both talking about how she thinks Jesus was pro choice when arguing to abort disabled kids, and that made a revenge vote when she voted against SDSU run for statewide office…

      Please Dear Lord baby Jesus, lyin’ there in your ghost manger, just lookin’ at your Baby Einstein developmental videos, let her be the democrat’s choice for a candidate for statewide office…


      (Okay, part of that was invoking Ricky Bobby)

  5. Shannon

    I can’t think of a more entertaining race for Senate than Tim Begalka versus Kathy Tyler. Mr Begalka, what say ye?

  6. Anonymous

    Truly the depths of irrelevance when a “blogger” who spews hate and bigotry and racism and sexist attitudes on daily basis is a “leader” of any political party.

    When you’re desparately hungry, its amazing just what kind of garbage you’ll eat.

    What office will he run for?

    1. Anonymous

      Who knows but he will most likely run for something. His ego is huge! Can’t wait to help defeat his attempt once again.

    2. Jim Weber

      Ok, calling bs on this one. Hate, bigotry, racism and sexist attitudes? Do you read Dakota Free Press at all? Or are you refering to this site? Throw those harsh desriptives out there, as incredibly false as they are, and let the uninformed lap it all up. What you need to do is show evidence. Alas, you can not. There is none. Go to DFP for some legitimate insight and dialogue, come here for press releases and smearing bs.

      1. Anonymous

        A few years ago, a woman whose child had been raped and murdered wanted to raise some money to attend the murderers execution in SD. Corey, with amens from his lackeys, questioned the intentions of this poor woman by suggesting that she was using the execution to fill her own bank account. Truly despicable.

        Similarly, Corey described some motel owners in Lake Andes as racist because they misspelled a message on their motel sign.

        Corey condescendingly refers to NAs as his brown “bothers & sisters”. Heck, I suppose he might even have a NA as a friend!

        Corey repeatedly questions peoples political positions based on their religious affiliations, particularly Catholics. Past has occasionally documented them here.

        Corey repeatedly attacks religious folks who are involved in their communities–all the while taking their donated money via his wife’s congregation.

        Corey allows dregs like Kurtz to post god-awful angry, incoherent rants against Christians, Republicans, and anyone else not attuned to his drug-filled universe.

        On at least one occasion, Corey copy & pasted from DWC onto his Madvile Time hatesite without attribution, got caught, and then blamed it on PP!

        Just try to post a comment there that goes against the grain–be prepared to be dragged through the manure.

        Does DWC have a lot of press releases? Sure. One can skim over them. Are there to many sanctimonious and superficial posts by another deputy? Sure.

        By and large, a rather tolerant if not parochial place…that also allowed your criticisms to remain.

        Wont find that at Madvile.

        1. Jim Weber

          It’s Cory. Is that you Boswell? Bring the articles and comments and let us look at the complete context, not just your read on the matter.

          1. Anonymous

            You asked for evidence. I provided it. The bar was raised.

            You’re the one defending the pit of hate.

            Go search the site yourself. You may have to go back to the old site. Here, Pat has occasionally documented the Catholic rants coming from Corey.

            Better yet, just go read any comment posted there by Kurtz. Last time I looked, he posted hourly. If you have any sense of self-respect, be ready to take a shower afterwards.

            1. Jim Weber

              Are you Boswell?

              The pit of hate? Sounds like you have quite the infatuation with painting DFP and CORY, not Corey, as being puppy killers. Calm down and take a breath or two. Kurtz and Cory are two different people if you haven’t made that distinction. But I stop in defending them here. And leave with asking you to look at your first comment and consider your words ‘incredible and vile’.

              1. Anonymous

                Kurtz is Kory’s sidekick. Look at the posts Kory has on his blog supplied by Krazy Larry and he just lets Kurtz and the rest of regulars feed off each other with their vile offensive attacks filled with hate with no moderation. Those Krazy twins promote each others blogs and agendas.

                If your into that then you found a home.

              2. Anonymous

                Stop defending them?

                Yes, you should.

                Look, I’m perfectly fine with them having a public place to gather and spout their vile.

                Its better to have the bigots and racists and sexists in the open than festering in the mold of darkness.

                    1. Anonymous

                      Well no he does not.

                      His comments section is riddled with first names, nicknames, and fake names.

                      At least it was last time I ventured into the septic system.

                    1. Anonymous


                      Corey routinely bans those who have provided an email address & a name if he does not like their views.

                      Which is all fine and dandy but stop with the lies about how he runs his hatesite.

                    2. Bill Fleming

                      You can find out for yourself what his policy is by submitting a comment there. No reason to take my word for it. But you asked for an explanation of my comment, so I provided one.

                    3. Anonymous

                      Lets repeat:

                      An “explanation” full of inaccuracies is not an explanation.

                      Its your lips on a buttock.

                    4. Anonymous


                      I realize that you don’t like to be challenged, but this isn’t Madvile where you just toss out some names at those who question you.

                      Tell Corey hello…but remove lips first.

          2. Anonymous

            Just look back at what has been posted and see the comments for those that question or challenge the narrative. The attacks are incredible and vile. There is no place for that in a political discussion. It’s no wonder the SDDP is losing registered voters every month and their going to get soundly defeated again in the next election. Too bad they just don’t get a clue.

  7. Anonymous

    Tyler needs to try to explain how the Creator of life would support the extinguishment of innocent life. What denomination does she adhere to?

    Why is the right to kill the unborn so sacred to Democrats? They should all be ashamed of at least the national party as a whole and Tyler as a local example of the paganism that many adhere to. There are also Republicans who support death-under the euphemism of “right to choose-, but the party hasn’t declared the right to slaughter the unborn as a part of their national platform.

  8. Jaa Dee

    So the (R) “meeting” would be the god loves guns while wanting to slash the WIC and SNAP programs “meeting”? So, the Repugs can’t go to a meeting of their own kind without being armed and promoting and trying to Impose their personal religious beliefs on the country and trying to deny others their Constitutional right to make a personal decision? Yep, “GAG”

    1. Anonymous

      God made guns and god don’t make junk, right?

      (mimicking the mantra about gays)

      –to deny others their Constitutional right to make a personal decision?

      Its not a “personal decision” when it involves another person, can it?

    2. springer

      There is so much wrong with the above post. No one wants to slash WIC and SNAP for those that truly need them. But, there are many receiving these benefits who should not be. An out of control federal spending spree like we have now is going to come home to roost on the backs of our children, and if the Dems truly care about the next generation, it really isn’t showing much lately. It does make a good sound bite for the likes of Hillary though.

      As for guns, we in the US have a Second Amendment thanks to the foresight of our founders; if not for that, I’m sure that the Dems would have imposed gun confiscation and control a long time ago. As for going to GOP meetings armed, that is actually hilarious. I have never seen a gun worn by anyone at any GOP meeting I have attended. But again, sound bites are the favs of Dems.

      I doubt most Reps want to impose their personal religious beliefs on anyone else, but the Reps do support the right of Christians to practice their faith without fear of retribution or fines etc.

      Where does the Constitution give the right for abortion, which regardless of what the pro abortion people say, does end a life? Personal choice is fine if it doesn’t involve ending the life of a person who has no choice.


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