17 thoughts on “Should someone tell Lora Hubbel it’s a parody web site?”

  1. Let’s just reach a decision. She is either certifiable crazy or certifiable stupid. I don’t care which but once we decide, we can ignore her.

  2. At first, it was both funny and entertaining to watch her dig herself further into the crazy hole every time she talked. Now, it’s actually pretty sad. I purposely haven’t been commenting on posts about her, but using a satire page as a news source is a new Lora low.

    1. Does Lora live rent-free in your head? You should raise the rate and kick her out.

    1. SDDP on August 10, Constitution Party I and II both on August 14.

      All delegates to all conventions are expected to be fasting when they arrive so they can imagine 6 impossible things before breakfast.

      1. Hilarious! I am rooting for delegates for Shad Olson, Tatewin means etc to show up at these conventions and cause a little “change” to happen.

        Happened at Libertarian Convention Part 2…new Gov candidate picked

  3. Ike,

    Stupid crazy people are usually violent. Not seen any signs of latent violence. She is one or the other and either is sufficient for me. I just want a decision to be made.

  4. Steve Sibson to make whiney proclamations about attacking “real” conservatives in 3…2…1….

    1. Whatever happened to Sibby Online? Did readership go from 10 to zero after it turned into the Steve and Looney Larry show?

      1. My friend Lar intentionally usurped Mr. Sibby and wrecked his blog. Mr. Sibby, a rational enough fellow at times, became insaner than most after he became a Howite.

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