Should 'Vaping' be Banned like 'Smoking'?

I ran across this story a few days ago from the AP:

E-cigs: No smoke, but some areas are banning them

It has been more than a few months since the state wide smoking ban on public accessible places took effect. Many new norms are now in place, business that like to have smokers have found ways to accommodate them, smokers have found way to comply with the law. Some have quit, some only go to places that have accommodations for smokers, others just control their habit to light up and others have turned to using an E-cigarette.

Some places will allow them, others won’t, and some will allow them, until someone complains. I have witnessed them being used in hospitals, clinics and schools and yet banned from bars and restaurants.

A couple of years ago the American Medical Association (AMA) recommended to FDA that the devices should be banned because they did not know what was in them or how they affected people. The FDA did the AMA’s bidding, banned them, and seized a shipment of e-cigarettes. The FDA was promptly sued, and lost (although they did win the appeal) The FDA then decided to regulate them as a tobacco item rather than a (banned) medical delivery device.

There are a few work places that will allow these devices to be used in the work place. Their reasoning is a 2003 New Zealand study that shows workers who switched to e-cigarettes in the work place, rather than step out-side for a smoke break are on the average 35% more productive than their smoking counterparts, twice as more likely to quit completely and lower absenteeism by 27%. There are still some work places that will not allow them, because they don’t know the long term health risks.

It’s not clear what risks secondhand e-cig vapor holds. It’s mostly just water, even though it looks like smoke. The Food and Drug Administration has said its tests found the liquid in some electronic cigarettes contained toxins besides nicotine as well as carcinogens that occur naturally in tobacco. But nobody has studied what onlookers might be inhaling.

This statement is not completely true. The E-juice that is heated and vaporized, contains nicotine, propylene glycol or glycerine, and sometimes some kind of flavoring. The nicotine is small and is almost instantly adsorbed, very little if any is exhaled. Propylene glycol is used in several every day products, from dog food to cosmetics to food, however it is most known for making smoke in theater smoke machines. The most common flavoring is candy type flavoring. What is exhaled is not ‘mostly water vapor’ however it does dissipate faster than cigarette smoke, and doesn’t leave a residue.

Still some people are dead set against the idea…..

Still, the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, a group that has helped states and localities draft laws on smoking bans, includes electronic cigarettes in its model legislation due to the fears over the safety of the devices.
“They raise significant health concerns for us. We don’t know what is in the vapor mist, we don’t know what else is in the contents of that electronic cigarette,” said Cynthia Hallett, executive director of the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation. “The good news is more research being done. … We may learn more, and if in the end they’re safe, we’ll have to revisit.”
But she said that to be allowed in places where regular cigarettes are banned, electronic cigarettes wouldn’t just have to be safer; they’d have to “do no harm.”

If by using these devices people are able to quit, great. I do not look at e-cigarette as means to quit smoking, merely an alternative. You are trading one habit for another.

There are some rumors that the anti e-cigarette movement is well funded, by the tobacco industry.

Should E-cigarettes be banned like the ‘real’ thing, or should business and people be free to decide on their own what is allowed and where?

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  1. William

    It’s not about health, it’s about money (well, that and CONTROL…)

    Pharmaceutical companies that make FDA “approved” smoking cessation products want them banned because they view them as a highly effective competitor.

    The Tobacco companies want them banned because they view them as a highly effective competitor.

    The American Nonsmokers? Rights Foundation, obtains a great deal of its funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which was founded by the Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Company founder. Johnson & Johnson, of course, manufactures Nicoderm.

    As to the quote above, from Cynthia Hallett, executive director of the American Nonsmokers? Rights Foundation:

    ?The good news is more research being done. ? (By studies funded by the anti-smoking movement) We may learn more, and if in the end (there’s an END?) they?re safe, we?ll have to revisit.?
    But she said that to be allowed in places where regular cigarettes are banned, electronic cigarettes WOULDN’T JUST HAVE TO BE SAFER; THEY’D HAVE TO “DO NO HARM.” (Oh, and of course that can never be proven). This position is even more stringent that controlling e-cigarettes as medical devices and places them in the position of advocating AGAINST a device that actually reduces a KNOWN health risk.

    Absolutely absurd…

    1. MC Post author

      William you’re are correct, it is more about control. It is not that the pharmaceutical companies don’t want you quit, they want you to quit by using their product. If it doesn’t work, then try again, and buy more of their product.

    1. MC Post author

      While the government shouldn’t tell us how to live our lives, some controls should be established. I hope the industry decides to implement some kind of self control, otherwise the government will.

  2. Stan Gibilisco

    I didn’t even know about e-cigarettes until a couple of weeks ago when someone bought the item at a convenience store, as I was feeding my own addiction (Diet Mountain Dew).

    I saw this USB port and little thingy attached and asked the clerk, “What do you do? Download a couple of megabytes worth of nicotine when you need it?” I wondered, “How many milligrams of nicotine per second can you get” and “Can you use these things in the cloud?”

    Then I remembered the tobacco companies’ admonition to all: “Nicotine is not addictive.”

    1. MC Post author

      I bought mine for the sole purpose of saving money. Smoking is a dirty, nasty, and expensive habit. Yes, there is a bit of an investment up front, however, when $10.00 of E-juice (the stuff that contains the nicotine) will last at long as a $50-60 carton of cigarettes, the savings add up quick. There is a trade off, while I don’t have any ashtrays (except the one I use for small screws and such) I am consistently charging batteries or refilling cartridges.

  3. Name

    The question is what does it cost everyone in added cost of medical costs???? Does someone have the right to raise my costs to support the cost of those exposed or smoking? I have no answer but something tells me the majority of people do not like smoking and the added costs to life……

    1. William

      Added medical costs?? If e-Cigarettes reduce the number of cigarettes one smokes, or allows them to quit, then it’s an obvious health benefit to them. As to those “exposed” to the exhaled vapor, there’s really nothing to be exposed to. The vapor doesn’t “linger” in the air, as does actual tobacco smoke.

      Besides, the “majority of people” do NOT determine the rights of others… Be afraid when they actually DO.

      1. Name

        Yes the vocal minority is the problem…………… The biggest problem with politics is the vocal minority as they have a agenda for themselves not the majority of the people. THe majority are lazy as politics has a tunnel view of its wants……….

        1. Name

          So, are you saying rights should be decided by the majority because the minority have an agenda for themselves and won’t just submit their will to the majority?

          1. Name

            I am saying the majority get what they vote for. The minority take what they want as the majority is silent. Maybe we could say that majority are more than lazy to find out how poor they are treated by the minority…….. Look at how the people of the mid east are treated then again they push off everything on religion or the minority pushes the problems off on religion so they can be the ruler.

            People are so full of hate that they do nothing but complain..


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