SHS joins OFW for $$$

Word on K Street in DC is that a new lobbyist is in town….

SHS says this gig will let her continue advocating for rural America.  (guess a paycheck helps to do that.)

Of course what she’ll be advocating for depends on what her clients are paying for….maybe a rematch in 2012.

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    1. 73*

      Kristi Noem is the greatest congresswoman in the history of SD and she’s only been there a couple months. I don’t want SHS to run again but if she does Kristi will finnish her once and for all.

  1. caheidelberger

    Glad to hear you abandoning capitalism, Kristi. People who do work for a paycheck are obviously enemies of the state. I look forward to your consistent application of that principle.

  2. farber

    I would like to know how many days she will be spending “living”in Brookings with this job. She will in all probability claim to still be a SD resident residing in Brookings when 2012 rolls around again. SHS hasn’t actually lived in SD since she graduated high school. I personally don’t care where she lives, but I do care if she claims residence in a state while her hubby and she work in DC and spend most of their time there, just so she can run as a SD’an next time around.

  3. Elais

    It is my understanding SHS can’t even work as a lobbyist until another year or so. The headline is ridiculous. Next you’ll be saying KM works for $$ in DC.

  4. CaveMan

    Good grief folks. Rep. Noem has been in office less than 60 days and we are expecting greater things from a freshman legislator than being nominated and elected to Leadership? The learning curve in DC is Stellar at worst; rocketing straight up at warp speeds and our Congresswoman is on that rocket ship. Complain all you want now but what kind of Leadership were we priveledged to by our last US Representative? In a year and a half there will be no one in SD capable of beating her at anything except maybe Rumicube, and that is not for sure!! 🙂

  5. Jeff J.

    Good for Stephanie. I don’t mind her heading for K Street. Just don’t try to run again now that’s all, because clearly all that talk about coming back to SD after the election and living here was bull….

  6. Duh

    Elias: SHS can work as a lobbyist now, just not in the House, em, unlike SHS’s husband Lobbied in the House WHILE SHS was in the House.

  7. Duh

    She joins a law firm as a Principal, ALL without ever having really practiced actual law. Wow. I’d like to get in that gig. Buy-ins in major firms are like buying a friggin 5 bedroom house. Wonder if she got a sweetheart deal on that one? Can’t wait to see SHS lobby Kristi in a couple years. That’ll go over well.

  8. I would rather be fishing

    You know, In 2003 and 2004, when Senator Thune was a private citizen between service in the House and Senate, he received $220,000 as lobbyist for DM&E ?.and he created a hell of a mess for himself when he became Senator because of that connection. I honestly don?t think we want to get into someone making money between political careers by lobbying. Let?s just let this one die ok.

  9. venture

    73 what are you smoking? kristi hasnt spent enough time in Congress to beq anything, let alone the best member of congress in South Dakota history. You are all kinds of crazy brother.

  10. Name

    She’s working for money???!!!!!????? That horrible horrible witch!!!!!! True South Dakota residents would never do that!! I myself have negotiated to be paid in copies of Atlas Shrugs from my employer. I make 143,409 paperbacks a week, after FICA, that stupid non-galtian commie program. Of course, my family is starving, but we can make really awesome forts! 😉


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