Did anyone happen to catch SHS on Inside KELOLAND last night?
If not, you can catch it here.

Please note, I was very much in the camp of “She lost, just drop it” when it came to the topic of her seclusion after her loss.
However, If you caught this interview (AKA 20 minutes of free publicity) on Sunday night, it is hard to come away thinking that she has anything but another run for office on her mind.

She claims that she was just a victim of the “national political mood”. (No one voted against her, they just voted against the Dems, right?)
She  repeatedly stated she was a victim of negative adds. (Even though her campaign was the first to go negative)
On the topic of Noem’s driving record, she was quick to note that her campaign only brought it up after KELO “reported the story”.  (I think she meant after her campaign fed the story to KELO)

Even my wife, who is a Democrat, though largely stays out of political topics, was turned off by the interview/infomercial.

Hopefully, for Steph’s sake, she didn’t turn everyone off as KELO was nice enough to mention SHS’s website and note that she was seeking donations to pay off her $40k campaign debt.

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  1. Duh

    SHS: what a whiney, disconnected, dillusional self-professed victim. SHS got voted out because she was disingenuous, a smoke and mirrors magician and sucked at representing us. Please go away.

  2. in the middle

    I did not see SHS but I did watch 60 Minutes and saw John Boehner cry and blubber like a little school girl. Good grief I hope he can hold it together next session. As much as I hate to admit it, Pelosi would eat him alive.

  3. Duh

    In the Middle: Don't confuse honest personal reflection and passion with guts and sense of responsibility. The former fuels the latter but don't think it's any kind of weakness. Boehner has handled Pelosi in the past quite well and will do so in the future.

  4. oldguy

    I thought SHS did a very good job. Time will tell if she runs for anything. I did find it odd she was complaining about neagtive ads.

    1. MikeH

      Hard to not do a good job in that format isn’t it?
      Playing the victim is what turned my wife off, too.
      While Noem’s driving record absolutely should be a valid topic for discussion, it became the sole focal point of the adds coming out the SHS camp. Running negative adds is all they did. Several times in the race, my wife would tell me how off putting the adds from SHS were. Then to try to claim to be the victim…

  5. Darrin

    I did happen to catch some of SHS interview. SHS wants to keep her name out there for another run. I think that she is setting up for another run at Noem, for Senate (when Johnson retires) or for govenor. She can't leave political office on a bad note. She now realizes that she ran one of the WORST campaign in SD history. Jim Abnor in 1986 is a very close second. Jim Abbott for govenor in 2002 being third. I work at a local radio station in Watertown. The news people called 10 times and left messages. They also left numerous email messages asking for SHS to come on the air for an interview. NONE and I mean NONE of these messages were returned to our station. She did the same to news reporters in Aberdeen, Huron and Brookings. She concentrated on Sioux Falls and Rapid City. If you are a Democrat and you want to win a state wide office in SD you have to carry Codington County. Spilt the Sioux Falls area. Then hope to go 60-40 out West river. Daschle did this in 1986. Johnson did this in 1996. SHS did this in 2004.

  6. Arrowhead

    ROUND 2 – BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is how I see it working for SHS. If she doesn't actively help recruit someone to challenge Kristi in 2012 and the D's run Nesselhuf that means Kristi will get 60+% of the vote and voters will have invested in Noem. If the Dems find someone credible to challenge Kristi and can keep her down to 48-56% she still will remain very vulnerable for Johnson's Senate seat in 4 years.

    It's all about keeping Kristi from becoming the golden child for South Dakotans for 4 years.

  7. Troy Jones

    I think SHS did a nice job despite the failure to take any responsibility her loss might have been related to what she did or didn't do as well as the strength of KN. She should have taken a page out of how NFL players/coaches handle a big game loss.

    She handled the future very well. It was honest. I would have considered it odd (and dishonest) if she knew what she was going to do.

    I thought it a good interview, timed well (allowed the edge of her loss to be a bit smoothed over), and the thrust of SHS's responses were to position her legacy as a hardworking Member trying to do the best job she knew how to do. She could have been more successful if she had acknowledged the reality she was a left of center candidate in a right of center state perpetually vulnerable to a strong candidate who was right of center.

    If she lost to the person Cory believes she lost to, it would be like losing to the 1-12 Carolina Panthers. She'd look better admitting she lost to Patriots.

  8. springer

    Lot's of other political candidates funded their campaigns with a lot of their own money. Maybe SHS should use some of her lobbyist hubby's income or even her own income as a representative, which is substantial with all the perks, to pay off her debts. She wanted to run, she wanted to win, and she should accept some of the fiscal debt involved with that. Same goes for all politicians. The DC ones make a lot of money and have lots of perks; probably the reason some of them continue to run, that and the sense of power involved.

  9. mo joe

    Forget the princess bring on the subsidy queen , who wanted to cut entitlement lets cut athanol and ldp and all farm subsidies.Snooki go get them.

  10. William

    I honestly doubt if she can. “Papa” will pretty well guarantee establishment funds to Brendan and he can still make “some moves” while he’s in office to help behind the scenes. “Papa” Johnson is probably also better served by the fact that while he hasn’t exactly built the SDDP while he’s been in office, he HAS been physically limited in what he CAN do. He has more residual “goodwill” in the state than Stephanie after this last election cycle. I’m not THAT familiar with Brendan, but if there’s a primary he’ll start with a more current base of grassroots support and organization that SHS will have after 2 years “on the outside looking in”.

  11. insomniac


    I agree. SHS will need to run again in 2012 or else run for the open US House seat in 2014.

    If I was Kristi I would rather face SHS again than Brendan Johnson.

  12. insomniac

    The best option would be that T. Johnson doesn’t finnish his term and Daugaard appoints Jackley. I don’t think ANYONE could defeat Marty.

  13. anon


    I would like to see SHS stay in SD for the next few years. It would really be interesting to see how she would play in a statewide race if she proves she wasn’t just a career DC politician.

    I do think after all of that that she might become much more viable to the public. Especially since South Dakotans in general still like her we were just tired of Nancy and Barack.

  14. anon

    First, SHS won’t focus on the state dem party, what did she ever do before other than avoid convention and not assist others. Widely know. As stated earlier, she ran a horrible campaign, surrounded herself with horrible overly important staff that had a disdain for the SD voter that needs to be reached. This was not a race to be won because you were prettier and smarter, it was a race to be won by working hard against a coming tide. She needed to change it up, she or her staff couldn’t do that. A few ads about speeding tickets weren’t going to cut it.

  15. Anonymous

    It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who earned $170,000 for the past 6 years having a $40,000 campaign debt. Many state legislators put their own money into their campaigns – and they make $6,000/year. Stephanie should invest in herself and be happy for what she had.

    What’s next for the Democratic Party: Stephanie or Brendan? I’m struggling to think of anything either one of them has ever done for the SD Democratic Party. They both want the plums without the groundwork – based on last name.

  16. anon

    In all reality John Thune has done about as much for the SD GOP over the past six years as SHS has done for the Dems.

    It just seems to be the way our party leaders work in SD. Rounds was also an absolute falure at party building.

  17. Just call me Joe

    My guess is she’ll run for the Johnson Senate seat in 2014. I’m also expecting her to get some sort of ag-related high level federal job here in the mid-west region to keep her in the news and fresh in the interim. She will keep an active presence in Brookings, and that will be their official address, but she, Max and little Zach will remain largely Washington, DC people….

  18. ymous

    I do get a kick out of these politicans. They ask us all to give to their runs for office but dont give any of their own money or very little in relation to what the job pays. The state legislators are different. Pay the dam bill on your own Stephie, you can afford it.

  19. Doug Wiken

    Stephanie uses too many words to say too little. She apparently hasn’t yet learned that pandering to the right doesn’t persuade them and just irritates your actual supporters. Obama is currently in the same kind of a bind.


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