Sign delivery day!

Have you got yours ordered yet? They’re starting to go up across South Dakota!

3 Replies to “Sign delivery day!”

  1. Porter Lansing

    I’m a labor guy. An elected Teamster’s official in the 70’s. Have a happy Labor Day week. #Ride It Like A Stallion
    Here’s a new Elvis album (how liong’s it been?) You might just love it as much as I do, Try a few cuts on CD2 to begin. My favorite Elvis has always been “Moody Blue”, Share this video

    1. Porter Lansing

      You have good taste in American music, Mr. N. Happy Labor Day. More unions and less Trump would surely make America even greater then the country that leads the world now.
      PS … It’s a little disappointing that SoDak, Alabama, Mississippi, Wyoming and Montana are the only states that didn’t welcome any of the 10,000 families who lost their homes in the Syrian civil war. You have so much and sharing increases the wealth tenfold. Maybe next time you can join in the blessings.