5 Replies to “Signatures for Ballot Measure for making SD like California for Political Primaries filed”

  1. Anonymous

    So much for respecting the will of the people…this liberal garbage was defeated just last year and right back they come.


  2. Anonymous

    I agree no on everything…This is just amendment V with some tweaks…

    Another attempt by the liberals to change the rules because they can’t win.

    1. Troy Jones

      I agree Anne. This is not good for democracy (which is not good for Republicans) but it is a disaster for Democrats. They now have to compete in two elections when they don’t have the resources to compete in one now.

      Basically insures GOP dominance. But, you know what after a while, you just get up trying to help them. For years, I’ve tried to tell them things they are doing wrong and they think I’m trying to trick them.

      In the end, it shows how utterly stupid they are with regard to winning elections.


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