Sioux City Journal on Hawks & Williams impending loss

From the Sioux City Journal:

The 2016 general election outcome could continue a trend in South Dakota, as no Democrat has won federal office since 2008, when Stephanie Herseth Sandlin won a House seat. Two years later, Noem knocked off Herseth Sandlin.

South Dakota is a tough state for Democrats, as Republicans usually rack up fundraising leads and the number of registered Republicans now exceeds Democrats, 246,953 compared to 169,038.


In campaign finance reports through the most recent period, Williams had raised less than $37,000 through June 30. Four days ago, Thune felt so comfortable in his re-election bid that he told colleagues was giving $2 million from his own campaign funds to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, to help elect other GOP senators.

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You know, they left out the part about both Hawks and Williams wanting more taxes onn South Dakotans. i have to think that’s not helping their dismal efforts.

4 Replies to “Sioux City Journal on Hawks & Williams impending loss”

  1. Anonymous

    What Democrats don’t get with these candidates and all these fake ballot measures is that the people don’t want liberal pholosophy….

    As a house candidate out west said vote Republican on all and NO on all these ballot measures