Sioux Falls Man Charged with Terrorism Threat

Sioux Falls Man Charged with Terrorism Threat

PIERRE, S.D.Attorney General Marty Jackley and Lincoln County State’s Attorney Tom Wollman confirm today that Ehab Abdulmutta Jaber, 45, Sioux Falls, has been arrested by the Sioux Falls Police Department and charged with one count of terrorist threat, class 5 felony, punishable by up to 5 years in the state penitentiary and/or$10,000. During a search of Jaber’s residence law enforcement seized firearms as well as methamphetamine.

Charges stem from an alleged incident on April 9, 2017, involving Jaber at a hotel in Sioux Falls. He was observed to have been videotaping an ongoing event with his cell phone and carrying a handgun. He was escorted out of the event, but later was found to be live streaming terrorist threats to the public and brandishing a number of firearms and ammunition.

Jaber is presumed innocent until such time as proven guilty.

This case is being investigated by the Sioux Falls Police Department and being prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Office and the Lincoln County State’s Attorney. The possession of methamphetamine case is being prosecuted by the Minnehaha County State’s Attorney.


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  1. Steve Sibson

    Brannon Howse, who hosted the event at the Garden Hilton said this on Facebook regarding this news:

    Breaking News: 12 days later Muslim man finally arrested and charged after threatening Worldview Weekend in conference parking lot while brandishing 5 guns and tons of Ammunition. SHOCKING: Report says they found his guns and METH! My blood ran cold when I found this out tonight. METH? You mean we could have had a guy jacked up on drugs plus his ideology at our conference with those 5 guns and ammunition? Why was he not arrested that night? How did he stay on the streets for 12 days with guns and meth? He even posted on his Facebook page he had 25,000 rounds of ammunition and 1,200 of those in his car. I will post the screen shots. The political and law enforcement failure on this is HUGE. The police could have and should have arrested him Sunday night, April 9, 2017 when they saw this Facebook videos while our conference was STILL going on? Instead this man has been free and armed and possessing METH for 12 days? I am calling for the resignation of the chief of police among others for letting this go on for 12 days. What if we had not turned this into a national story do you think we would see this outcome finally? What if this had happen to a small conservative or Christian group that did not have a national radio program and lots of friends in conservative media? Trust me; what is happening in Sioux Falls is happening in many cities. We have a huge failure of political and legal leadership that must be discussed and fixed at the local level where we all live and raise our families. I believe the Sioux Falls Police Chief and prosecutor need to resign immediately for how this was handled.

    1. Jaa Dee

      What hate- mongering opportunistic, insulting , wing-nut, BS— That you would even post something from this clown shows what you are–

      The authorities did exactly as they should have done— “You people” don’t want justice. “you people” want vigilantism… “You people” don’t want ” to protect people, “you people” something to happen so “you people” can fan the flames of hate and further your ignorance = fear = hate agenda while SOME of “you people” get rich from creating hate and d division.

    2. Jaa Dee

      Hey dude–“Jaber is presumed innocent until such time as proven guilty.”— That idea really frosts yours and your ilks balls, doesn’t it?

      1. Steve Sibson

        We can’t determine guilt in a court of law until after there has been charges filed, right? No one of our ilk has stated his day in court should be denied.

        Have you seen all of his videos? If so, how would you vote if chosen for the jury?

        1. Anonymous

          I saw the videos and if on the jury…..GUILTY with a one-way ticket back to Saudi Arabia.

      2. Anonymous

        Jaa Dee I would not waste a lot of time responding to Sibby. If the world was run according to folks like Sibby or Hubbel it would be a scary place.

        1. Steve Sibson

          Unlike the Muslim Brotherhood and the globalists, I have no intention on running the world.

    3. Steve Miller

      Everything I’ve read, (I’ve certainly NOT read all these stories of this incident) says the only crime this guy did was have meth. Do you get that? Firearms are not illegal. Having five firearms is not illegal. If he had a million rounds of ammo–NOT ILLEGAL. What is wrong with you people? Is it only because he has a foreign sounding name? Making a video with his cell phone is not illegal. By supporting this freak-out madness today, tomorrow the Feds will stomp on you when YOU are funny looking and own something the extremists in this country don’t like–maybe an abortion pill, maybe a cowboy hat.

  2. Anonymous

    Marty Jackley and Tom Wollman did exactly what they should have done; THANK YOU. Jaber should have been arrested after the videos were seen by the SFPD and they know it. For whatever reason they did not and I hope there will be no hesitation in the future. The officer who approached Jaber in the conference could be considered a hero; THANK YOU. Islam is NOT a peaceful religion…cue Jaa Dee.

  3. Larry

    Did the Democrat state’s attorney in Sioux Falls make the decision not to charge this guy in the first place? He needs to be voted OUT

    1. Anonymous

      Does the defendant live in Sioux Falls/Minnehaha County? That may be a reason. Different jurisdictions?

  4. Mickey

    The Argus is such a piece of garbage. They keep calling this an “anti-Islam” event and whipping up the jihadis into a frenzy. The Argus is responsible for spurring on this hate. Reporter Dana Ferguson is a big liberal who needs to go back to Chicago

    1. Anonymous

      It was an Anti-Islam event. Look at all the comments. Islam is the religion of war? Come on! 30 years ago our physicians, college professors, those we served with in the military and some of our co-workers were Muslim. We didn’t think any more of it than someone who was different from our own religious faiths that we practiced or neighbor who was an Athiest.

      1. Anne Beal

        Anonymous at 8:03 maybe 30 years ago YOU didn’t think about the Muslims you met, but 47 years ago I dropped a class at UMass because an Saudi classmate was so rude to all the women in the class and the instructor couldn’t control him. 43 years ago I switched dermatology clinics because a Saudi physician was insufferably rude to me as a patient. At the same time, these foreign medical graduates doing residencies in the US were creating such PR problems for the medical centers they worked in that the treatment of women became a subject of national discussion in medical journals.
        20 years ago the trainers at Morrell’s were having to explain to immigrants from Muslim countries that if they beat women or stole their paychecks they would go to prison.

  5. Rcsodak

    Ask TJefferson about Muslims. They admit wanting​ to rid the earth of non muslims. How else can that be construed?

  6. MC

    Right now I would say there are more questions than answers.

    The Bill of Rights, they apply to every United States citizen, weather or not they are natural born or naturalized.

    That means he as the right to free speech, and to say what is on his mind. However he also gets to take responsibility for his words.

    he also has right to keep and bear arms. Which he has done.

    I still wonder why he brought so many to what is supposed to be a peaceful conference. Was he truly in fear for his life that need multiple rifles. If he was in so much fear, why didn’t he call police, or simply drive away?

    The methamphetamine issue is bit more of a concern. It isn’t your home brewed stuff any more. it is highly refined coming from Mexico. It almost 100% pure.

  7. Walter

    Per media reports the guy was carrying legally, did not cause a disturbance and left when asked to by the PD. They discovered the video after he left and began investigating and involved the States Attorney. The video is quite alarming but given the 1st and 2nd amendment rights in play here, I can see why Mr. Wollman took some time to let the PD interview him and investigate. He is the one who has to present and prosecute this case, not the alarmist voices in the public. He still has a difficult case here given the language of the law but he’s going about it the right way.

  8. Ymous

    I’ve lost respect for Greg. His mayor support no matter what, events center and anti TIF tirades is tired. I use to listen to him but I can’t take it. I’m not surprised by his support of Ehab. I understand his innocence until proven guilty but his conduct with weapons and drugs is dangerous. Peoples blind support of Muslims is dangerous. I have friends that are Muslims that I consider friends but blind to some of these warnings is just naive.