Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken chastises Councilor Theresa Stehly for spreading misinformation

Municipal officials apparently don’t care for elected officials use of hyperbole when it comes to telling people how much their utilities are going to cost them.

And over the past few days, Sioux Falls mayor Paul TenHaken has been trying to correct misinformation being spread by Councilor Theresa Stehly declaring that citizens will be paying $300 a month for sewer service:

“We got a $12 million payment a year — sorry, we’re going to up your payment to $300 a month,” she said last Tuesday while voicing concerns about how the city will pay for what would be the largest capital project in Sioux Falls history.


The mayor on Friday scolded Stehly in an email sent to her, her colleagues on City Council, select city staff and members of the media.

“Unfortunately, this week you broke a sacred trust elected leaders have with their constituents,” the email read. “As elected officials we have an obligation to present factual information to the public. … Spreading such misinformation when factual projections have been presented to you is a disservice to your constituents and I’m disappointed you knowingly spread this false information.”

Read the entire article here.

Isn’t one “Lora Hubbel” enough for Sioux Falls?

20 Replies to “Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken chastises Councilor Theresa Stehly for spreading misinformation”

  1. Reactionary

    Thank you Mayor! About time someone held her to account for her reckless mouth. She loves the public to think that she is their advocate and protector but her huge ego is her downfall and gets in the way of any real productive work.

  2. Troy Jones

    I’ve tried to defend her because I think a gadfly/different view is good. Kermit did this very well and with great integrity.

    In this article she even admitted she knew it to be false: “her comments were only aimed at raising questions and weren’t to be taken as a matter of fact. Rather, she was speculating what could happen if the city’s population growth slows.”

    Theresa, that means you were knowingly lying to make your point. I don’t defend blatant and open liars. We deserve better on our commission.

  3. JKC

    But Ten Haken gave Trump a “B” even with all of Trumps non truthful statements, so wouldn’t Stehly’s mere one off the wall comment still put her in the “A” category as far as the Mayor was concerned?

      1. Anonymous

        The struggle is real for JKC. It’s often hit-and-miss with JKC’s ability to formulate an intelligent comment that includes a rational point.

    1. Ymous

      Trump derangement strikes again. Get s clue.
      If you like your Dr, you can keep them.
      If you like your health plan you can Keep it.
      The whopper of all, your health insurance premiums will go down 2000 a year.
      Now, who said this? Hummm

      1. JKC

        Actually, our premiums (mine) have gone done three times since ObamaCare.

        As far as keeping your doctor, well, one presidential lie resulted in millions getting health insurance for the first time, while an other presidential lie has resulted in a continual war, and the current basket of presidential lies, well, who knows where that will lead us….

        Oh, and my favorite lie on health insurance, however, is how many Republicans in the last election cycle claimed to be against an pre-existing condition clause, while their voting record suggested that they wanted to repeal ObamaCare and its protections against a re-emergence of such a clause…. #GoFigure

  4. JKC

    (“I think I’ll give him a “B,” but that $ 300 comment is way out of line….”)

    You know what they say, if you can’t refute the facts, then attack the messenger….

    1. Anonymous

      We have no clue what your context is or what’s in your head. We can’t read minds. Also…no sources or links provided. Sorry, I’m not going to believe a random quote from memory without everything that was said.

      1. JKC

        Last spring at a mayoral debate, the candidates were asked to grade Trump’s performance so far. Paul gave Trump a “B,” while Jo gave Trump a “F.”

      1. Troy Jones

        In Az they are furious over Synema supporting Schumer when she promised she wouldn’t. We take back the House in two years.

      2. JKC

        If the Dems take back the WH in ’20, then ’22 will be tight for the Dems in the House; but regardless, I think until this obvious Koch brothers gerrymandering is undone, the House will move back and forth between the two political parties for sometime to come on a rather frequent basis…

    2. Anonymous

      JKC, Trump is not attending city council meetings, drawing attention to himself. This may be hard for you to comprehend but most of us go about our daily lives, doing our jobs, and are more annoyed by the behavior of people we work closely with than the POTUS’.


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