Sioux Falls Mayor’s race gets political with postcard.


And here’s Mike Huether’s postcard in the Mayor’s race in the last election, one sent to only Democrats.

So, how was that postcard not political, yet the one highlighting Huether being an Obama delegate to the National Convention is?

13 Replies to “Sioux Falls Mayor’s race gets political with postcard.”

  1. jim

    Over the top. That was my first impression when I read it. I thought Jamison was making some headway in the campaign but this effort may hurt him. The Argus’ spin will only add to the problem.

  2. PNR

    Um, why is it a problem when politicians running for political office get political?

    Am I missing something?

    1. sdsen_2014 Post author

      It isn’t. This postcard from last election is more to make a point about the faux outrage being ginned up. The Huether sycophants are howling about it now, but they are more than happy to be political when it suits them.

      1. Paul

        I had never seen that postcard of Huether with Tommy boy, but then I wasn’t a registered demo-a little (typical) liberal hypocrisy?

        I understand that Greg Belfrage (I think it’s spelled right-I listen to Greg a lot but don’t spell his name ever) says that those of us in Sioux Falls are electing a mayor, not a state rep or governor, but I don’t want to give Huether any kind of a springboard for higher office.

      2. Anonymous

        As are you. You started the outrage by getting involved in the election for mayor in a city in which you don’t live. The anti-Huether post card clearly states it was paid for by the Minnehaha County Republicans. Does it state Paid for by Minnehaha County Democrats on the Huether post card from four years ago?

  3. mhs

    I watched the KELO “debate” last night and it was just awful. The questions were almost completely closed-end, they gave the candidates hardly any opportunity to differentiate themselves. That and Dunsmoor talked and talked and talked when he asked them. Threw both guys off their message and a couple times you could see both of them wondering how to answer. D- to KELO

    1. Anonymous

      MHS are you mad that Mike could have been preceded to lose the Keloland debate? No one cries wolf unless they feel like their guy lost.

  4. jim

    I agree that Huether has been partisan himself at times. There is a difference, however, in a postcard that shows an association (Daschle) and one that largely attacks the candidate for his party affiliation like the recent one does. That is my take on the two incidents. I am voting for Jamison but I do not think it helped.

  5. Troy Jones


    1) Huether has sure aged.

    2) While I don’t think the GOP postcard will have any real effect (thus a waste of money), I’m more offended by being reminded of the Daschle card as that was sent from the campaign direct to Democrats. At least the GOP card was sent independent of the Jamison campaign.

    3) Views on Obama and Daschle are irrelevant to being Mayor (either way).

    For the record, I’m voting Jamison. While I think Huether has been a positive replacement for his care-taker, do-no good, do no harm predecessor, I think much of what Huether accomplished these past 4+ years was done with a style that has damaged relationships and will diminish his ability to be effective in the future. Elected Executive positions aren’t short-term dictatorships but must allow citizen participation and open disagreement.

    I don’t care about my Mayor’s national or even state political views. I only care about what I believe will be best for my city. For the next term, I believe Jamison is a better choice.

  6. Ymous

    Just because a group calls it non-partisan doesn’t mean it is. These elections have been partisan for years and the democrats have been the most involved. The republicans have been spineless but too hear dems whine is amusing. Daschle was well known to recruit, and fund people like Andy Howe, Kurt Sahl (SP check) Darin Smith and many others. They helped with signs, phones and money. David Kranz wrote almost the same fake outrage crap article 12 years ago. The dems are great at accusing others of what they are doing. Go get him Jamison. You have my vote. The Argus is a joke and has zero credibility other then Ellis who is a good reporter and fair.

    1. Ymous

      Look GAP, we agree. Your spot on regarding Huether. There is so much people are fearful of stating. He’s just bad all around for Sioux Falls and the state.