Sioux Falls Regional Airport…..TSA free

This week on KCPO’s The Facts, I sat down with Sioux Falls Regional Airport Executive Director, Dan Letellier.  The interview covered issues from the remodel and expansion at the airport, issues with airfares and airport security….

There was a lot of information we covered — two factoids to serve as teasers for the whole episode —

1. Sioux Falls opted out of TSA screening as soon as it was possible — Letellier described the private security firm who provides the screening service as much more “customer service oriented”

2. The Sioux Falls Regional Airport Authority was set up by the state but it is an independent government body.

Check your local listings….

22 Replies to “Sioux Falls Regional Airport…..TSA free”

  1. Weather Man

    So does this mean our airport will more likely be targeted by terrorists?

    Jordan Davis – what are you talking about?

  2. Arrowhead

    I wonder if these pat downs have increased the number of perverts and Peewee Herman wannabees flying the “friendly” skies?

  3. Jordan Davis

    What I mean is that Kristi just used the SDWC to plug her own show… I didn’t know that this was turning into a blog where the writers could advertise their own stuff… I thought this was supposed to be about SOUTH DAKOTA politics

    1. Kristi Golden

      Mmm….let me see Jordan — a blog about SD politics — why yes it is and coincidentally so is the show I host and oh by the way we’ve been talking about the TSA and lower air fares as both political issues.

  4. MC

    Jordan, When this was Pat’s little playground, he would promote his real estate business, the printing stuff, and not to long ago, I believe he gave or traded a T-shirt printing machine. Just about everyone forgave him, noting that it was his blog, and he could put what ever he want on it.

    Now Pat has turned his blog over five(six)others, and while we primarily discuss politics and South Dakota, we may take license once in a while to promote a good cause. Fear not, there is a South Dakota political connection.

  5. bwjunior

    Weatherman, the private screening company at Sioux Falls uses the exact same procedures and equipment used by the TSA and are in fact monitored closely by them at all times.

    Also curious to hear how Letellier can quantify any improvement in customer service considering the only changes between the 2 organizations is the name on the uniform.

  6. Jordan Davis

    Ma’am with all do respect you didn’t talk about the TSA you plugged your show. If you had talked about how the Sioux Falls Airport and how they got rid of the TSA that would have been fine… but yet you told people t watch your show. You also mention you talked about lower airfares… on this blog? Where? Btw, this is ablog about South Dakota issues not Sioux Falls issues; you’re forgetting that the Sioux Falls isn’t the only major airport in the state.

    MC, this is still Pat’s blog and I’m sure if you guys wreck it too much he would come back… or at least replace you guys with other writers. Pat very rarely put in personal issues, he stuck to South Dakota politics. He knew why his readers read this blog.

    I guess I’m just one more reader that is being driven away.

  7. duggersd

    Jordan, last I checked, Sioux Falls is part of SD. Do you have information I do not? I believe KG mentioned something about SF Regional opting out. Is that not newsworthy? Perhaps you can run a blog better. I would suggest you start one and do your own writing and build it so everyone can read what you believe is important. Then we can read about the Brookings International Airport or whatever you think is important.

  8. Arrowhead

    Kristi I approve of you promoting your show on the blog since it is a way for us readers to learn more about you. A blog writer is the reason we read these things and the more we know about the writers the more we will understand the opinion they write.

    Part of what made the DWC under PP good was that we knew a lot about him. I hope we get the chance to know more about the new writers also…

  9. Arrowhead

    one thing I will say about PP is that he had guts enough to take on Rounds or other Republicans he disagreed with rather than be intimidated.

    PP is a legend in the world of SD politics because he stood up for his beliefs.

  10. TC at AC

    Whoa everybody… play nice in the sandbox.

    Jordan, lighten up, we all respect the free flow of ideas and from time to time. Everybody, including yourself, has probably talked about a personal piece of information and taken a little pride in it.

    Everybody else, be nice to Jordan, he’s just expressing his freedom to form a separate opinion… we may not agree with it, but it’s his right to express it.

    That being said, thanks for the info Kristi… I actually watched the show this afternoon and thought it was great! I personally am a fan of aviation, so your show was great to watch on a dreary Sunday afternoon and learn a little bit about the inside information of the Sioux Falls Regional Airport.

  11. Bill Fleming

    Arrowhead, in the final analysis, PP didn’t stand up for his beliefs, actually.

    He erased his whole history.

    That said, his plugging his own ventures didn’t bother me all that much.

    And he even plugged my wife’s children’s book about this time last year.

    I’d link to it and prove it to you, but it’s… um… gone.

    Oh, well…

  12. PP at the SDWC Post author

    Kristi –

    God bless ya – and go ahead and plug it all you like. Part of what I thought made this website great was the fact that I wrote it from a personal basis, which included many facets of my life.

    If I can show my wife while she’s in the hospital having a baby, you’re more than welcome to talk about your show. It’s the personal touch and the local politics that made this blog what it is.

    The Mitchell paper had a epitaph on the SDWC today:

  13. insomniac


    One thing I can’t stand is a fellow blogger on the same blog tag teaming and thanking another for a post.

    Kristi good stuff keep it up!!!


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