Six years(almost) of the SDWC

We bid the mighty Pat Powers, and his wife, Mrs.PP happy trails.

Five years, nine months ago, a real estate agent from Brookings, South Dakota started to blog about politics.  Since then, we have seen politicians fall from grace, some falling harder than others and we have witnessed leaders emerge.   The writer of this blog became an sand-burr under some politicians saddle blanket, he worked his way up and was prominently acknowledged as he entered the South Dakota  Senate gallery, during the last legislative session. His little blog that had only 13 readers have grown so big,  that it had to get its own server.   Pat has pushed his keyboard back for last time, and letting us,  five new writers pick up where he has left off.

How the SDWC changed the face of South Dakota politics, and the South Dakota blogosphere?

Don?t stay away too long, there is always a hot cup of coffee and a warmed up keyboard for you.

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  1. Blah

    As much as I disagreed with PP on, well, most everything, I’m sad to see him go. Based upon the spelling and punctuation mistakes included in this post and others lately combined with the ‘not so interesting’ posts I’ve seen the last week I won’t be returning to the SDWC as often as I have in the past. It’s too bad, because it was a good place to get some inside info. It seems that will be going away. Good luck PP. I hope (kinda) you come back (sorta).

  2. Slappy

    Ok, I hope PP’s kidding. These kids you let take over can’t get their punctuation straight or spell worth a darn. You can come back now Pat. Quit kiddin’ around.

  3. William

    One thing that’s made this blog different, and that I think made it as popular and long lasting as it’s been, is that Pats been able to provide a focus on local and state politics in a way that few other political sites have been able to do.

    As the Thune/Daschle race “got serious” this was one site that offered an “insiders look” into that race that offered more than just “some guy in his PJ’s” spouting off his opinion. Pat offered some interesting insights, not only on the “big race” but campaigns throughout the state, while posting in a way that prompted “the political junkies” from both sides to join in an open forum (one of the few that allowed anonymous postings). When “politico’s” from outside of the state wanted to get an insight into South Dakota politics, this was became a “must check site” to visit.

    I’m sure the site benefited from Pat’s relationships and friends he has “on both sides of the aisle” that allowed this site to become a “water cooler” for politically active folks on both sides of the aisle, and even those in the middle.

    Even during the lull between campaigns, this site’s provided interesting discussion topics on issues, candidates, incumbent politicians, political history of the state, in general anything and everything that kept people talking about South Dakota politics.

    Pat’s really created something special in “blogland” and all 13 of us that read and post to it should try to keep it going =|;)

  4. Just call me Joe

    PP did a good job, finding interesting and relevent topics for information and discussion – whether or not you agreed with him, he did his best to tell it straight – he tried to maintain some standards of decency and decorum on the site – he will be missed, but expect you folks to do a good job, too. Joe.

  5. Anon

    Not being an insider so I have no way of getting this info — what will Pat be doing? He said in his post that his new endeavor and this blog aren’t compatible.

  6. feasant

    PP is the next best thing to sliced bread. You might not have agreed with him but he wrote great stuff. He was on the cutting edge, always ahead of the Aberdeen Snooze and Argus liberal liar.

  7. Bill Fleming

    11:32 Close, but actually, the “legacy” of SDWC is that there IS no legacy.

    Its past has vanished from the internet.

    If there was ever anything worthy done or said here by PP or whomever else contributed to his sites content over the past 5 or 6 years, it has now been whisked off to the side and locked in a box like the last scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    I find this a curious action that suggests that PP was never really “there” for anyone other than himself.

    If so, too bad. I thought that underneath his seemingly shallow surface, there was really more to him than that.

    Oh well, It wouldn’t be the first time I overestimated someone.

  8. Anon

    Still wondering what Pat is doing and what sort of job he got where can’t do the blogging thing? How come nobody will say? Is it a state secret or somethng? 🙂

  9. MC Post author

    Sometime before the election, Mr. Powers has taken down all his ads from this site.

    While I have no inside information, I guess he has been planning this for some time.

  10. Troy Jones


    I talked with Pat last night. I think you are being too hard on him. Wait until the full story is out (practical and personal) and then judge if you wouldn’t do the same thing.

    Until all things are available for consideration, to pass judgment without sufficient foundation, the moral fault of a neighbor is not not right. We have been his neighbor for many years.

    Granted, he might have thrown some trash in your yard on occassion or let his dogs run loose and poop on your grass. But, he also watched over your house and picked up your trash when the wind blew it over. And, all in all, you have to admit if he such a bad neighbor he deserves no benefit of the doubt, you’d have moved on a long time ago.

  11. PP at the SDWC

    MC – I always take ads down when the period they’ve rented the space for expires. (They’re what pay for this, you know)

    DJr – After nearly 6 years, I’m simply moving on to different challenges, but care enough about “my baby” that I’m leaving it on the air. Traffic is maintaining, if not increasing by a few hundred users, so it’s in very capable hands.

    I’d looked at bagging out a year or so ago to start a family blog ( which never got off the ground, and I also have been looking at starting a website for the “epicurious” in the state ( both of which I own. My wife was wondering one day why I was taking a picture of the ribeye steak I was preparing.

    I’ve got that, plus my Real Estate, and my campaign store, plus a postcard design store attached to the campaign stuff. Not to mention the fact I still have 7 kids from 3 to 18, one of which who has a disability.

    I appreciate, and am certainly humbled by all the attention, and hope I am worthy of it when I eventually do figure out a proper compilation/examination of the past 6-8 years through the lens of the SD blogosphere.

  12. William


    May I be the first to subscribe to I only travel where my tummy tells me to! =|;)> Site is currently unavailable, but I’m salivating at the mere thought of it!!

    (There’s nothing better than enjoying good food and the fellowship of friends. Sometime early next year I’ll get the design done, and get moving on it. -PP)

  13. William


    I’m looking forward to it, I actually DO have a top reviewer T-shirt. I take my food much more seriously than my politics. If the topic is food, we might even get Bill Fleming to agree with us from time to time – LOL

    Let’s EAT!


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