Sleepy Kloucek

I was alerted to this little gem posted on Rep. Brian Liss’s Facebook page.

Brian Liss and Sleepy Frank Kloucek

Share your prefered caption to go with the photo!

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    1. Anonymous

      Nope, couldn’t be during one of Nelson’s floor speeches. There aren’t any lrgislators at their seats. My guess is that it is in the morning, before the afternoon session.

  1. Doug Wiken

    Maybe that was the same time I fell asleep watching the session on SDPB-TV-2. Perhaps while 10 people simultaneously read bill names or when the merits of a resolution regarding a bishop in Turkey or a resolution to Congress on single-items in bills is being blathered about. For a shortened short session, a lot of time was wasted on ideological and economic mythology and nonsense irrelevancy.

  2. Jeff Barth

    The House was clearly not in session as there are no other people in the room. Frank was preparing, Liss was playing.

  3. A-nono-mouse

    I agree 100% with Heidelberger on this one. Poor choice, poor picture, poor subjective reasoning behind the original thought process of somehow “Getting Frank”.

  4. Spencer

    A House Commemoration honoring and supporting the Scotland Kuchen Feier on the occasion of its third annual event…check.

    A House Commemoration commending and honoring the community of Delmont on its one hundred twenty-fifth birthday…check.

    A House Commemoration congratulating and honoring Rob Monson on his election as the 2011-2012 President of the National Association of Elementary School Principals…check.

    A House Commemoration honoring and commemorating the anniversary in 2012 of the fifty-fourth annual Schmeckfest in Freeman…check.

    A House Commemoration commending and honoring the Armour School District Board of Education, on receiving the Associated School Boards of South Dakota School Board Award of Excellence for 2012…check.

    A House Commemoration commending and honoring Dennis Povondra, business manager at Bon Homme 4-2 School District, on his retirement after thirty-six years of exceptional service…check.

    A House Commemoration celebrating and honoring Tabor’s Annual Czech Days Festivities on the occasion of its sixty-fourth anniversary on June 14, 15, 16, 2012…check.

    A House Commemoration commending and honoring Avon Elementary School as a National Blue Ribbon school for outstanding academic achievement…check.

    A House Commemoration honoring and commending the twenty-fifth annual Menno Pioneer Power Show…check.

    A House Commemoration commending and honoring the VFW Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s Pen, and Teachers of the Year award winners of 2012…check.

    Now that my legislative agenda has successfully dealt with all pressing matters at hand; it?s time for my nap.

  5. anon

    If Frank ends up running against Nelson, I’d be happy to contribute to the Republicans for Kloucek PAC.

    Frank is a better legislator sound asleep than Stace is wide awake. Plus, he has a lot better chance of getting something accomplished too.

    1. clueless..

      Nelson – reuniting liberals and their RINO pets since 2010.

      I hear the 23 year old Democrat from district 19’s 2010 race changed parties to now run as a Republican. Supposedly got the advice from “My Man Mike” himself. It worked for Rausch, Lust, Kirkeby, Rhoden, etc. Sounds like the kind of “Republican” you can get behind.

        1. Anonymous

          Frank is a nice guy, but effective, no. People try to avoid having him sign on to their bills as his signature raises a red flag. He was just napping sometime before session, notice lack of legislators on the floor.

  6. D.E. Bishop

    This may be one of the problems with the legislature, as illustrated by Kloucek’s repose: Passion.

    This post comes from a blog in MN. Dr. Schulz is a prof at Hamline University in St. Paul, and a fequent resource for the local media. It’s all about passion in the current presidential season. He makes a good case for it’s importance in all levels of politics.

    1. insomniac

      We all like Frank Klocek. I see no harm in poking fun at him once in a while. He’s a good guy but he’s an interesting guy.

  7. SDMike

    That fricking padidiot from SE South Dakot – Spencer your right on a lot of things – but that screw ball has contributed more to Global Warming then anything else. Those yahoo’s ershman from Parkston and cory h from who knows where (right now I think I seen him pushing his bug to Wyoming for some cheap gas) would stick up for him – did I mention that old Mike Huether (pronounced heater in his original hometown of Parkston with a good old snuggy when he left his fathers place for making a smart-ass comment to one of the Schmidt boys in Parkston back in the early 70’s) would be more worried about him taking a right turn before he checked in with Timmy Johnson for the lastest talking points or mumbles. You can give him all the accolades you want – he is just worthless and if the people of his district really realized that he has never pushed an agenda forward they would get rid of him – hell most of his votes come from the old folks homes in his district – just another token inbred liberal who wants to uphold the democratic taking points all the while sitting in the front row of the catholic Church!! The best thing about the picture is that he isn’t screwing anything up – “Frank Plowshare” as he is affectionely called in Pierre.

    1. Spencer

      It’s too bad that the other House members do not abuse their legislative powers to such an extent by jamming the legislative process with House Commemoration bills. If every House member were living up to Kloucek?s high standards, we would have 700 House Commemoration bills this session rather than only 18. Maybe the rest of the House needs to start pulling its own weight when it comes to putting more tax payer ink, paper, and LRC staff toward making sure more things in South Dakota are formally recognized.

  8. insomniac

    This is one of the reasons I don’t support term limits. The guy is a legend. If he’d have been in forever as a Republican he’d be a successful one also. But for decades he’s been there for the dems.

    We have very few giants left in Pierre.

    1. insomniac

      I might even say we don’t have any…

      The Dems have Kloucek and Dennert. If you can call long serving minority party folks giants. (I doubt it)

  9. Anonymous

    Don’t you mean SD Stinker? Both Brian and Frank are honorable legislators and fine men. Your comment about Liss is not only wrong, but also potentially libelous. If I were you, I?d get the heck off this blog before the moderators turn your IP over to their attorneys. You should apologize to both Brian and Frank!

  10. Troy Jones

    I think this hilarious and does not reflect anything but positive on Frank. What farmer do you know that is not also the master of power naps whether it be in line at the elevator or under a truck in the field?

    I wish I was clever enough to have a witty caption.

  11. Detroit Lewis

    Troy – Farmers are famous for their power naps! LOL!

    As for the Liss is gay comment. Not heard that, nor do I care, but what if he is? Does that make him a bad person? Some of the people who comment here just make me shake my head. There is a reason why us liberals make fun of the SD GOP, because these are the kind of sheep that follow you. Ignorant, predjudice hillbillies.

  12. Mark

    Caption suggestions:
    [Liss to Kloucek] “You’re getting sleepy, very sleepy…”
    [Kloucek to Liss] “Brian, would get me a cup of coffee, please?”
    [Klouchek to Liss (muttering)] “Okay. You’re right. We should have a bipartisan caucus on sleep apnea.”
    [Liss to Kloucek] “I agree with you 100% – lively, open debate is the way for the House to work things out. Frank, Frank???”
    [Kloucek to Liss] “Brian, the key coping skill for being in the minority is stress management. Wake me up in ten minutes, will ya?”
    [Kloucek to Liss] “Red Bull? Never touch the stuff.”

    1. PlanningStudent

      I think Red Bull or some other power drink or coffee brand should sponsor our legislature as if it were a sports team. At the very least sponsor one of the breakfasts or lunches in the back lobby.

  13. pierreman

    Liss to Kloucek, Frankie dont worry I will save a chair today at our new cauces, I will get the chairs next to Stace!


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