Slick Rick Weiland is now just making stuff up.

After Democrats at the national level party announced they’ve written off South Dakota, the Weiland campaign must be getting pretty desperate. They just recently put out a hard negative tv commercial that is running quite a ways downfield from the truth.

The commercial notes in part:

When Mike Rounds ran the EB-5 program, U.S residency cards were for sale to the highest bidders, putting millions into the pockets of the Governor’s hired cronies while South Dakota taxpayers took a massive hit.

First off, when do states run federal programs? And if we’re going to quibble, when exactly do Governors run the day to day of programs? Because the US Citizenship & Immigration Services is seemingly calling Slick Rick a liar, as they claim THEY run the program:

USCIS administers the Immigrant Investor Program, also known as “EB-5,” created by Congress in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors. Under a pilot immigration program first enacted in 1992 and regularly reauthorized since, certain EB-5 visas also are set aside for investors in Regional Centers designated by USCIS based on proposals for promoting economic growth.

Read that here.

And for the “sale to the highest bidder claim” – again, we go to the program’s guidelines:

Required minimum investments are:

General. The minimum qualifying investment in the United States is $1 million.

Targeted Employment Area (High Unemployment or Rural Area). The minimum qualifying investment either within a high-unemployment area or rural area in the United States is $500,000.

A targeted employment area is an area that, at the time of investment, is a rural area or an area experiencing unemployment of at least 150 percent of the national average rate.

A rural area is any area outside a metropolitan statistical area (as designated by the Office of Management and Budget) or outside the boundary of any city or town having a population of 20,000 or more according to the decennial census.

Read it here again.

Again, the truth fails to remotely resemble anything in Slick Rick’s snake oil commercial. I’m not seeing any bidding component in this federal program he’s trying to claim Rounds supposedly ran.

The truth of the matter is that Weiland has to try to sensationalize and stretch the story beyond any conceivable boundary, because the real EB -5 story is kind of boring.

If the Rounds campaign presses it, I would think they could get this commercial yanked off the air for a basic lack of ‘truthiness.’ Because the main premise of it and major statements lack any shred of it.

Not that a lack of truth would stop Rick Weiland from throwing the mud out there.

Update: Even the Argus is calling parts of it untrue and “incorrect.”

16 Replies to “Slick Rick Weiland is now just making stuff up.”

  1. Anonymous

    Good ad. I just wish Nelson would have had the money to run the same ad during the primary. Cronyism is never good no matter if it is Democrats or, in this case, “Republicans”.

    1. Anonymous

      So you are a supporter of lying? No wonder we’re in the sh!//er in this country. No morals, no values from folks like you.

  2. Anonymous

    There isn’t anything false about the ad. Rounds and his cronies ran the program and some of them pocketed large portions of the money. Plus, only the Governor has authority to spend the future funds that were spent buttressing the entire immigration scheme.

  3. Anonymous

    Comrades This is another prime example of cronyism and Rounds has demonstrated repeatedly he does not vote or follow conservative principles!

  4. Anonymous

    to correct the record, “truthiness” was a word invented by Stephen Colbert in his lampoon of O’Reilly – – “truthiness” is when something isn’t factually true, but you feel like it should be true. so the ad is LARDED with truthiness in actuality.

  5. Anonymous

    Another desperate Democrat grasping for a wet noodle on which to halt his fall into irrelevance.

    How much longer before Lyin’ Rick accuses Rounds of actually killing someone?

  6. wazzzupp

    I wish Weiland had hit harder on this but it’s a start. The only problem the Argus has with the ad is it isn’t actually an auction. Actually, it sure works like one. When you have the money in your back pocket and go to an auction you can buy whatever you want. That’s exactly how this program works. Rounds appointed Benda. He knew about Joop Bollen privatizing the program and these guys made a metric butt-load of money. How much? We may never know. I wonder if Rounds will be forced to go in front of that legislative committee and answer questions? It probably would help Rounds to do it. Staying silent ain’t working.

    1. Anonymous

      1. david montgomery’s fact-check said the sale of green cards was not an auction and demonstrated why that was true. 2. d.m. said that the charge of rounds ‘overseeing’ the program was highly oversimplified, with the inference being that a distortion of fact was intended. 3. d.m. said the statement about SD taxpayers ‘taking a hit’ is complicated, arguable and not clearly true in the simple way its stated.

      what did you miss about this wazzzzzzzzup?

  7. Jammer

    Once again everybody wants to talk about the “symptoms” and not the “disease”. The disease is crony capitalism and the EB-5 program is crony capitalism. Crony capitalism eventually ends badly for someone or some group of people. The unintended consequences from these government ventures into the system of capitalism are often many.

    It is so sad to see some Republicans who practice crony capitalism. Either for some reason they think that they can pick winners and losers better than the democrats or perhaps there are personal political motivations. However, I urge all Republicans to strongly encourage their candidates to abandon their ties to crony capitalism. People make misstates, but the only REAL mistake that a person makes is the ONE THEY LIVE WITH.

    1. Anonymous

      i enjoy noting that the federal investigation of this is so subtle as to be invisible. i think it would uncover a gaggle of cronies to prosecute, and doing that sends a bad signal to your other cronies. this is a federal program, in 2010 it was made into a federal-program-on-steroids, and today without movement on a clear public federal investigation, we just have a stinky miasm that’s being used conveniently and politically, instead of being quickly cleared by facts from a federal probe.

  8. Juice

    Even the Argus is taking exception to Whineland’s claims.

    Whineland must not believe his own bogus poll?? Ha. Down by 6 my eye. He hit the lie, cheat, steal button with this one.

  9. SD Mother

    When I saw the ad I knew republicans would be upset. I didn’t think they’d be upset to send out a PR.