Slow news day or partisan hit piece?

As if it wasn’t enough for Don Jorgensen to drop everything and race (hopefully his giddiness didn’t cause him to speed) to Watertown to interview Kristi Noem about her driving record in 2010, he now (two years later) has to give an update.

What a waste of his time…

In case you were wondering, Noem doesn’t have any new speeding tickets. But at least KELO has cleared the air and shown that they are still on call (with their fingers crossed) in case she happens to get another speeding ticket.

28 Replies to “Slow news day or partisan hit piece?”

  1. Anonymous

    “That’s leadership you can count on.”

    Wait isn’t that KELO’s slogan?

    Jorgensen fantasizes about SHS in his sleep.

  2. Born-Country

    KELO is fast becoming a complete joke of a “news” agency under Teflon Don’s stupidity and liberal views. Him and Angela need to be checked into a nursing home

  3. Wafflehaus

    Don is the bonehead who reads the teleprompter. The puppetmaster pulling the strings is the extremely liberal assignment editor Dexter Gronseth, who does everything he can to promote the Democrats

  4. Anonymous

    So KELO reported that Rep. Noem has kept a clean driving record for the past 1 1/2 years and you folks complain? What’s wrong with you people!?! This is good news for Rep. Noem, no?

  5. Bill Fleming

    It’s debatable who is wasting time here Bill Clay. You for writing what you do here, or me for reading it. But news that Kristi has stopped speeding with impunity is indeed worth knowing. And good for her, by the way.

    As we all recall, people for whom such impulsive behavior becomes routine can and do experience life-changing negative consequences sometimes.

    I don’t see any point in your choosing to ignore and/or minimize it.

    The proper response would have been to congratulate her for it.

    1. Anonymous

      coming from the nastiest poster in the blogosphere, who posts such vile things with such impunity.

      We can only hope that your routine repulsive behavior reaps the appropriate life-changing negative consequences someday.

      1. Bill Fleming

        Always with that “we” again. Nobody speaking for nobody. Why is it people who won’t sign their name presume to represent everyone but themselves? That’s not nasty, that’s just the fact. Too cowardly to won your own ideas, let alone represent anyone else’s.

  6. anon

    Talk to Kristi about it. When they told her they wanted to do a piece on her speeding, she told them no. Then they said we want an interview anyway. She told them OK, then they ambushed her with the speeding story anyway.

    My guess is Kristi is done with interviews at Kelo. They think she needs them, but with virtually no competition this year, she can tell them to go blow smoke somewhere else.

    Kelo is on the downswing. KSFY and KDLT have to be loving this.

    1. insomniac

      It’s always good to give a ton of interviews because otherwise you end up losing like SHS. She acted like a princess and eventually people didn’t feel like they new her anymore.

      If Kristi starts throwing tantrums when a news media writes something unflattering about her she will find herself on the outside looking in one day soon.

  7. Job Creator

    By all means, limit the questions the media can ask our elected officials. It seems to me that some of you in here think that the very foundation of our political system is based on the elected officials’ ability to pick and choose which questions they will be asked.

    Isn’t it interesting that so many of the knotheads in here attack the messenger – just read the posts. Over and over and over again.

    You would be ashamed of yourselves if you were smart enough to figure it out.

  8. Oldguy

    I didn’t vote for Kristi and really don’t know if I will this time but I think this looks good for her as shows changed behavior.

    1. anon

      Or perhaps she has a driver now?

      The real question is has Bryan Noem gotten any speeding tickets this year or how about her kids are they following in her footsteps or did they learn?

  9. mickey

    I agree KELO is on the downside of news broadcasting. I couldn’t believe they had to do this. I don’t remember them ‘investigating’ Tom Daschle not paying his taxes.
    We have certainly changed our preference for television news.

  10. Lee Schoenbeck

    This makes sense. There are 830,000 people in South Dakota. KELO can run a story like this every day for 2,273.97 years —– and fill their broadcasts.

    I vote with the: KELO wasted my time crowd.

    1. oldguy

      Bill Daschle was out of office so not a big deal as a media story, intersting yes as doesn’t paint a very good picture of him.. If he was running for something than it would have been a huge item.

      1. Bill Fleming

        It was a big deal, oldguy. Daschle took a bullet for Obama. An unnecessary one, in my opinion. If he were running for something it would have been a completely different story. My note was in response to Mickey’s claim that the issue was never covered by KELO. Of course it was. All the media covered it.

      2. Anonymous

        Daschle was “running” for something when the story came out. He was the set to be the next Secretary of Health & Human Services.

        When a guy like Daschle doesn’t pay taxes on the fair value of his free limousine service, it’s news on several levels, not the least of which is that he has free limousine service. The fact he paid his taxes after he got caught doesn’t impress me any more than the fact Rounds and Janklow paid for their private use of the state plane after they got caught.

        1. Bill Fleming

          He didn’t “get caught.” He told his accountant to make sure those services were being counted as income and had him estimate the amount of benefit high. Nobody found him out. He found, acknowledged, and corrected his accountant’s oversight on his own.

          And at this point, it doesn’t make any difference whether that impresses you or not. None whatsoever.


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