15 Replies to “Smirk”

  1. Troy Jones Post author

    That about summed it up. At first, I thought Obama was doing a “rope-a-dope” saving his punches after Romney was exhausted. When it was over, I realized Obama had no punch, was over-matched, and just was hoping to avoid a knock-out. Had to have been the longest 90 minutes of Obama’s life.

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    The President showed us all what happens when he goes on script against a guy who thinks and speaks as well as he does on script. It ain’t the guy here in question; it’s the script!!

    1. Troy Jones Post author

      It is hilarious. For those weak-minded, Obama worshippers, they consider anything that questions their world-view as a lie.

      In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson, they can’t handle the truth. Their guy got smoked.

      1. Fleming

        Funny, I was thinking Obama kind of reminded me of when you guys have to listen to Stace Nelson and Bob Ellis pounding on the table and spouting nonsense, Troy.

        If it was me, I might have been temped to jump up and kick MR in the (insert anatomically appropriate noun here).

        Fortunately, we have a President who can show a little restraint.


  3. katzy

    This was the best debate I’ve ever seen. Romney was on fire. Obama was on, well,I don’t know what. I do know that he was missing his friend, Teleprompter! He looked variously angry, bored, irritated, annoyed, and anything but competent. When he wasn’t looking down at his notes, he also several times looked to the moderator for help! I especially liked when he said he had five seconds left on the clock and then went on for about five minutes, still saying nothing. Even his fans (excluding most of them at Madville Times) knew Obama was in trouble. Romney on the other hand looked presidential.

  4. katzy

    OK, this is conspiracy theory,but this was brought up by a friend regarding Obama always looking down. Was he being fed info somehow and making notes, but maybe the info feed wasn’t working?

  5. Duh

    Mitt kicked his butt and truly showed out out of touch Oblabla is. The Prez can’t complete a sentence without it being on the prompter. The problem: most of the people that would vote for Oblabla weren’t watching. They were probably talking on their Oblabla phone (free phones from the fed government). We’re not going to change their minds, Mitt needs to get the independents and more GOP’ers to get out and vote.

  6. Anonymous

    It was like watching your favorite team win the big rivalry by a huge margin. It never gets old! Go Romney!

  7. Detroit Lewis

    Ok, Pat will probably throw this comment in the spam box, but I will take a shot at it anyway.

    1) I do think Mitt faired better then Obama last night, but there was no clear ass kicking on either side.

    2) Obama was looking down because he was taking notes. Duh.

    3) Obama has used the smirk in the past, even before he was prez, it is a look I am very familiar with, because I use it often while waiting tables. The look is ‘Wow, you are one ignorant SOB.’

    1. ymous

      Wow, nice DL. You were not watching the same debate the rest of us did. If you can’t call balls and strikes then you have zero credibility. Most left wingers like Matthews even said he got smoked which he did. Maybe next time he’ll actually study and prepare but this time he got smoked. Romney was on fire!

      1. Fleming

        He was being an obnoxious bully, ymous. Plain and simple. Both the moderator and Obama were stunned by it. If that’s the kind of president you want, fine. Vote for him. I’m not going to.

        1. Ymous

          Bully, really? I suppose Romney was also for pointing out facts. What, you didn’t have your nap today at pre school billy? Ugh

  8. Duh

    The only pinheads that have any credibility are those that can admit defeat. Those that parlay it to things such as the altitude, taking notes, acting Presidential, blaming the moderator, claiming that Mitt was being a bully in probably the most significant election of our country’s history have zero credibility. Wait until we get into foreign affairs, then you’ll probably see Oblabla cry.

    People compare Oblabla to Carter and that is a serious insult to Carter. Carter may have been inept, overmatch, but he tried to do what he thought was right for the country. He was ineffectual and harmless to a degree. Not so much with Oblabla. Oblabla is intentionally, and systematically attempting to destroy this country upon his flawed views that socialism is a better system. Maybe if he quit playing golf and going to fundraisers, he could look east at Europe and read some books on Socialism, then he would know that that ideology is a failed premise that has never worked without the government putting their people “in chains” (insert: China, North Korea and every muslim country and Biden) and burying the middle class (insert: the U.S. and Biden) Simply The Worst President Ever.