So, are you excited to get out and campaign for your presumptive presidential nominee?

Jon Ellis over at the Argus is writing on his blog that there’s not a terrible amount of enthusiasm for the presidential contenders in either party:

Democrats and Republicans alike fell into line and gave wins to their presumptive presidential nominees, despite the fact that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have lower favorable ratings than even Pol Pot had during the period of time when he was hiding deep in a Cambodian jungle.

And they haven’t even started killing people. Yet.

For both parties, the numbers are alarming.

Read it here.

What are your thoughts on the presumptive nominee of your respective parties?

I swear I’m going to skip the race unless the twice daily robocalls from the Trump campaign stop…. as they’ve continued long after the Tuesday primary.  And even if that happens, I’d like to see some more specifics on what he’s going to do if elected.  If I’m to get excited, there’s got to be more than the fact that the alternative is even worse, (which it is.)

So, what’s your take on all of this?

10 Replies to “So, are you excited to get out and campaign for your presumptive presidential nominee?”

  1. Dave R

    Aside from some sore losers, there is more enthusiasm from voters for Trump than there was for Romney or McCain.

      1. Dave R

        Well, look at the number of votes cast for Trump in the Primary. He did energize the vote

        The difference between Trump and Romney in the Primary is that Romney kept a steady base of support, and his rivals surged and ebbed as people who didn’t like Romney tried one candidate after another. Finally Romney won because no one could come up with a better candidate. Trump steadily gained support throughout the Primary as each rival was eliminated. I’d rather have that momentum.

        I’d say that Trumps enthusiastic supporters are simply entirely different individuals than the ones who were enthusiastic about McCain/Romney. So you see Romney and his supporters down and unenthusiastic about Trump. Stands to reason. Now look at the Trump supporters and his huge rallies.

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    Every Pol Pot survivor is voting Trump I’ve heard. But the Russian Nuclear Energy Commission have all stated publicly they are supporting Ms. Bill Clinton. Though it is interesting that the Black Panthers are evenly split between Mr. Bill Clinton and Hillary……………….

  3. Praying Ladies

    Our little group is very impressed with what we are hearing from Mr. Trump. While we do not condone gambling, Trump was a huge success in Atlantic City; making a huge fortune. Indeed Trump has never failed in any of his endeavors, and we look forward to seeing what he will do. A wall across the southern border? Way overdue! Want to reign in activist judges? About time! Want to kill the death tax? Guaranteed. Want to regain global authority? He’s the best thing going. Senator Thune, Senator Rounds, and Represenative Noem are all endorsing him and we should too. God Bless America, and God Bless Donald Trump.

    1. Dave

      1. A casino went bankrupt, that’s a success? Of course Trump personally was successful, but all his investors lost money because he LIED about how was going to raise money.

      2. Thune, Rounds, and Noem are of course endorsing him. Because all 3 are toe-the-line followers of the leaders the R party. None of them are the leaders. They are party followers, not principle followers. Big difference.

      There are many Republicans that are jumping ship (yes, some are sore losers) because Trump is terrible, non-principled, and wet clay that can be molded and changed daily to win votes.

  4. Thoughtful

    I liked the interview with Bob Dole the other day regarding his endorsement of Trump. “Who am I going to vote for? George Washington?”