So Bernie is going to Pine Ridge to show us how socialism works?

One of my correspondents offered the following observation on Bernie Sanders going to Pine Ridge this week:

So, Bernie Sanders is going to visit Pine Ridge. He is going to the shining example of how socialism does not work to illustrate why we should vote for his government expansion of socialist ideas. Go figure. 

Kind of hard to argue with that.

8 Replies to “So Bernie is going to Pine Ridge to show us how socialism works?”

  1. Anonymous

    Bernie is the direct reflection of Obama’s impact on the Democrat electorate.

    Obama has pushed over 50% of his party to socialism.

    This is not Bernies movement its Obama’s.

    1. Anonymous

      Bernie’s going further than Obama only because of Obummer’s prep work, you’re correct. They are both idiots as are those who would vote for such scummy, freedom-hating types.

  2. fretwalker

    Not a Sanders fan but— A few social democratic countries– Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Finland, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden,—– There are different versions of Socialism,,

  3. Larisa

    Obama is anything but a socialist! He turned corporatist introducing revolving door policy 4 Wall Street financial crooks. The went thru the door to the W House to work w/ Obama and then return to Wall Street ripping investors off.

    1. Tara Volesky

      When Bernie goes out to Pine Ridge, RC and SF, he needs to practice what he preaches and listen to the people, not the corrupt political tribal councils state state politicians that will not account for millions and millions of dollars that have disappeared.

  4. Jason Sebern

    That was a telling title. Socialism and Pine Ridge and failure was your premise. In fact, the Lakota people were doing fine until intruders commited against genocide their culture. Their culture was a sustainable system where all people were respected.

    1. Tony

      Yes! Pat, your comments and your correspondent’s comments are wrong, offensive and wrong. But this wouldn’t be the first time for you to disparage and alienate our state’s indigenous peoples would it?


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